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I'm right on time with my annual January knitting "jag." It seems to happen to me every year . . . After the holidays are over, I just start knitting one thing over and over and over. One year it was little gnomes. Another year it was dishcloths. Last year it was little hearts.

This year? I've got a Musselburgh jag going.


Once I finished my own Musselburgh hat, I immediately cast on another -- this time for Tom. And I gotta tell ya . . . despite essentially knitting two-hats-in-one, these things fly off the needles! They are endlessly entertaining - especially after a busy December.  You don't have to think (once you get started, that is). Just knit. It's also a pleasure to use up some lovely skeins I have tucked away deep in my stash.

IMG_7432 3

Like this one from Kim at Woolen Rabbit, which had been "marinating" in my stash for a very long time. It's Opal in the Speakeasy colorway. Very luxurious with a touch of cashmere, although I'm not sure Kim is offering this yarn anymore.

Anyway. According to Tom, it's his New Best Hat.

IMG_7463 3

And now . . . well. I'm clipping right along on another one!
This one's for my sister . . . 


I can see myself churning these out for a while yet. . .
January jag, indeed!

How about you?
What are you making these days?


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Ooo! I think I might like the "non-stripey" Musselburgh's best of all! (Although the colors in your sister's hats... divine!)


The first person I "know" who knitted a Musselburgh Hat was Kay on the Crazy Sock Lady podcast - I think she knitted 6 or 7 before she moved on to something else! :-)


I just finished my second Musselburgh and was planning to dig into the stash for a third one today. They are perfect for Zoom meetings and social knitting.


Oh, man, it's Wednesday! I have the post-holiday complicated-by-Covid (not personally) disorientation going on. And I, too, am knitting hats that fly off the needles, but that's because of the super bulky yarn!

P.S. My new Theragun arrived yesterday and I think I have a new best friend. :)


I'm with you -- this style of hat is so easy to knit and such a great use for the precious skeins in the stash! I have a feeling I'll be knitting a lot this year for the family and getting a really good head start on the holiday knitting.


The start on my own Musselburgh was a bit rocky, but I hope that I've gotten it figured out now and am ready to knit with some color. I don't know if it will turn into a jag for me, but this cold, sleety, snowy weather is the time to knit Musselburghs. Tom's and your sister's look great!


Those Musselburghs are beautiful Kym. Now I am re-thinking this. After reading Bonny's post earlier about her woes of casting on I thought I would skip this hat...but your post makes me want to make one! Love the colors in your sister's hat.


I knew that was Kim's yarn immediately! And I completely agree on how fun these hats are to knit. I'm planning on starting another this weekend, I think, with another skein from Gauge Dye Works. I'm sure Hannah wants one and I suspect Dale will, too. The Solar System one is for ME, though!

kim in oregon

OK OK I'll knit one!


Your hats look great and I am very tempted to start one soon!


Oh I generally knit a hat in January but this year I wasn’t…I’m tearing a semi-seamed sweater apart to better learn seaming and sleeve inserting. Time will tell! Love the solid color!


I also recognize Kim's yarn. Not sure how many skeins of her Opal I've knitted up. I think I might have one or two left from a yarn subscription from several years ago. My musselburgh languishes. My spare afternoon time is being spent with Adriene, and her MOVE month. Thanks for introducing me to her YWA BREATH month last year!


Tom looks very cozy in his new Musselburgh.

Happy knitting on your sister's. That color looks like it will keep the knitting EXTRA interesting.


So a jag is knitting the same thing several times? That is a new one on me. I guess I am sort of doing the same as I am knitting blanket squares at the moment.....

I am off to check out that pattern, that is also a new one on me!


Boy, that turned out beautifully! I love your yarn pick. And it looks terrific on Tom!


Love your Musselburgh Hat! I made one last year and love it. I just may need to make another one.

kathy b

I want to make one now!!! My husband needs a new hat!


Your hats look great. I hope to try that pattern in 2022. I certainly have plenty of single skeins in my stash. I am happy they are there. At eight o'clock at night, it is always good to have yarn choices in the stash.

gale z

Every Musselburgh I see tempts me, although I go on my jags in November/December. And it's almost always hats, this year I got stuck on repeat knitting Oslo Hats and Ribbed Chicknits hatsn and Trail Points. Though I still owe one more so maybe it'll be a Musselburgh...hmmmm.


I love knitting hats - until I have to deal with those 4 dpns at the top. Never a happy time for me. But the Musselburgh hat looks great on Tom. No wonder you are tempting others to make this one. (I can knit cowls until the cows come home - some which double as headbands, sort of a semi-hat).


Oooh I have some leftover Opal somewhere - but I'm in the middle of a slipper knitting jag, more imposed than inspired. Still, I'd forgotten how fun it is to have something get easier and faster every time you make it. I guess that's the opposite of second sock syndrome. It's the perfect time of year for a hat knitting jag.


Love your gray hats. I have a stripy one on the needles but a soft, gray, with pink speckles from Woolen Rabbit is calling to me. The yarn (Chirp?) will make the perfect Musselburgh for me!

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