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Out My Window

The window frame is not that important. What is important is the light that comes through the window.
                –Eckhart Tolle


Magic happens . . . out your windows.
Make sure to take a peek!


Here's to a good week for all of us. Happy Monday.


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My weekend windows only provided snow, sleet, and freezing rain views. It's still gray with no sun, but the temps are above freezing, and the sun will come out tomorrow. (sung to the tune of the Annie song!)


And I have inversion (slight) and the way the light refracts is interesting and disturbing. Come on February!


It's pouring rain out my window today. I wouldn't have minded a bit of snow instead but I'm happy there won't have to be any clean up.


An excellent reminder to adjust your focus from time to time! :)

Caffeine Girl

It's already a good week for me. I got an email at 5:30 this morning reporting that my Covid test is negative!


We have little teeny-tiny snowflakes out my window right now.


Happy Monday Kym! (I had a dream about you last night!)


I was so excited to peek out the window this morning -- and I was not disappointed by the view I got! Tomorrow everything will be shoveled out and there will be gray slush everywhere, but this morning, everything was white and sparkling.


sigh ... we need to wash our windows ;-) Wishing you a great week, too!


Ah yes - I am a thinking about the world outside my window today too. Right now I am happy to still see a bit of light and know that the days are getting longer.


Pretty, pretty, pretty! Right now it is dark outside my window!

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