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As I mentioned last week, knitting content around here is going to be rather on the . . . slog side for a while.

But I'm making Pretty Good Progress with Tom's sweater. I'm only a couple of rows from that all-important milestone: Dividing For The Sleeves. That's always a huge mental release for me when I'm knitting top-down sweaters. I'm not exactly sure why that is, but with so many fewer stitches on the needles (after The Divide), everything seems to go faster, and I feel like I'm "almost done" (even when I know I'm not even halfway there) (humor me).


But . . . wait!

What's that in the background there?


Friends, THAT is what I call . . . Incentive!

It's the yarn for Hunter Hammersen's "Feather Hats" (which is not actually the name of the design; it's actually called Stochastic, but it will always be the Feather Hat to me). (The pattern was released yesterday, by the way.)


I'm so tempted to just wind one of these skeins up and cast on for my first Feather Hat right this moment! But, instead, I'm keeping these beautiful skeins in plain view while I knit away on Tom's sweater.


Once I get to the sleeve divide, though?
All bets are off and I'll be knittin' me a Feather Hat!


How about you? What are you making this week?


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I agree with you on the Great Sleeve Divide feeling like a significant accomplishment! But those yarns... gosh, they are just so gorgeous. (And Stochastic is my new favorite word! Although, yes it is absolutely The Feather Hat!)


I think aside from having fewer stitches, reaching that dividing point also means a little less attention has to be paid to the knitting, especially if it's a sweater body with no shaping.

I'm still plodding along on my sweater, though last night I officially started sleeve number one and now have some fairly easy knitting ahead of me.


I want to finish my Musselburgh so I can wear it while I shovel this weekend (crazy estimates range anywhere from 2-12") and then I want to join my sleeves to the yoke on my sweater. But I have to drive to Newark airport tonight, and as a treat, I might wind a skein of my feather hat yarn when I get back. That's my incentive!


I'm anxious to see those Feather Hats (definitely the appropriate name for that pattern) come to life on all of your blogs! You, Bonny, Kat - it will be a party!! Meanwhile, Tom's sweater is looking fine...even if it is a slog. I like the subtle flecks of color in all that brown


Knit, Kym, KNIT! Colorful hats await!


I'm hoping to start my feather hat this weekend and I think I'm going with orange first! I agree that getting to the point where you divide for the sleeves on a top down sweater is a milestone. Time to throw yourself a party and start your hat once you do!


You'll be finished before you know it with that kind of inattentive!


You'll be finished before you know it with that kind of INCENTIVE!!

kim in oregon

I may have to do a feather hat now.


I'm trying to decide whether I should start a Musselburgh hat or a Feather hat, although either one would be a fun project! Happy knitting!


I'd say those three skeins are gonna get Tom's sweater knitted up fast! I started another top-down colorwork yoke sweater ... made it to the chart this afternoon and now every round I knit is incentive. I love seeing the pattern emerge!


Those three skeins look like a great incentive to me. I just managed a sleeve divide myself and It feels like a big milestone. My incentive is the next project I'm fantasy knitting in my head. I might need a little more though to keep going on my sweater. Tom's sweater is looking good. Knit on.


Incentive--THAT made me laugh :)
I'm getting brave(r) and trying 1) my first DROPS pattern (why do they always intimidate me? Just seeing DROPS always makes me pass it on by) and 2) trying my first sock'ish pattern. I suppose it's a total cheat, though--because no toe, no heel! (yoga socks.) Still, for this hobby knitter who has never taken much risk on the needles, it's a step!


I saw that pattern and yarn in an email today. I have to admit I quickly deleted because I am really trying to stay the course and use what I own. Can’t wait to see the sweater and hat.


The sleeve divide is a big milestone, well it is to me too. I am heading that way on my knitting too, I have about four more (very long) rows to go!


This time of year we crave color so it is no wonder you are hearing the siren call of the Monte Carlo yarns!!! Wow! And the pattern will keep you knitting to one more feather! Good for you!


I'm sitting here reading your post, nodding my head and saying mmmhmmmm and smiling -- the sweater is deffffinitely almost done (heh) the minute you divide for sleeves
And, I almost always put my next project out on view as a treat to look at whole o finish something else. These are wonderful--I've been eyeing Dawn Barkers similar assigned pooling shawl projects. So cool!


Does Tom realize what you are sacrificing to get to the sleeve divide? Clearly, he owes you...

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