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A Word ... for the Zeitgeist

Late last fall, I was out in my garden.
Pulling weeds.
And thinking about how we are living in a Zeitgeist moment. 

What IS a Zeitgeist, exactly? Well . . . essentially, it's the spirit of a generation or a period of time. So, yeah. THIS . . . whatever it is we're living through right now?

These have been weird times, for sure.
Unprecendented, as they say.
Pretty much every single thing and way of being for us . . . has changed since March 2020. And most of those changes have been out of our hands, out of our control. We've just responded. Because we had to. Or needed to.

Back in my garden last October, I started thinking about all the ways I've changed (because haven't we all), BUT I was also aware of something else, another feeling altogether. I could tell that I was allowing myself to . . . 


Change happens. But shifting? It's deliberate. And intentional.

Way back in October, my One Little Word for 2022 just showed up as an epiphany.


I've never had a word just show up for me like this one did. And so early, too! I think it's going to be an interesting year.


"Man, I ain't changed, but I know I ain't the same. . . "
            -- The Wallflowers, One Headlight


This week, as one-little-worders started revealing their words for the year, I anticipated that there might be others choosing words that reflected this Zeitgeist moment . . . change, shift, adapt. And I was right! Juliann and I share the word SHIFT this year, which I think is very special and pretty cool. In fact, I can't quite imagine another blogger I'd rather share a word with. Juliann is very thoughtful and intentional about exploring her words, so I can't wait to see what we discover. I know my experience will be richer . . . sharing this word with someone I know and admire.






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Great choice (and I did not guess it). It will be interesting to see where this takes you and where it takes Juliann. Enjoy the journey!!


Excellent choice, Kym! (and I am with Vera in the did not guess group!) I think this word has so many possibilities for life now (and once we get beyond pandemic living...hopefully!?)

I especially love how this word came to you... it is a wonder what happens when we are in our gardens, isn't it?


I was just thinking about that the other day. How many things have changed. Sometimes, well a lot of time, I rue what has changed.

And then .........I kick myself in the pants and tell myself get over it. Things AREN'T going back to the way they were.

Some of those things I originally hated about the "new way" are probably better for me. Embrace the change. That's what I have to do.


Change is an obvious and appropriate word for the times, but I think shift is so much richer, with so many possibilities! I'm looking forward to seeing yours.


It's going to be a doubly-great year to follow along with Shift! (I just deleted several lines on this word--but suffice to say, it's a palpable one here--and I have a hunch we have some significant shift in our lives here over the next year and a half. So I *deeply* value the opportunity to listen as you and Juliann unpack it with intentionality. Here's to the year!


I’m looking forward to watching you explore this word! I love the thought process already!
Have a great weekend Kym! xo


I have a very strong suspicion that we will all benefit from watching how you shift this year. This word holds SO much potential and is perfect for you and the time we are all living in now.


I know how thoughtfully and thoroughly you consider and choose your words, so I have no doubt this will be a good one for you. It'll be interesting to see how you and Juliann approach the same word, too!


I have never done the one-word thing, but I will this year. And my word is...kindness.


You are so generous Kym. I do look forward to exploring this word and hearing your thoughts along the way.


Shift is a very dynamic word. And so original in this context. Would not have expected anyone else at all to have come up with it. (Unless all Andrea’s popular patterns might have had a subliminal influence that you were not even aware of. Which is the kind of think that happens to me all the time.). Looking forward to how it plays out!


LOL. I meant to write “thiNg” but “think” almost means the same thing, too:).


Great minds think alike. Shift is so appropriate for the time in which we are living. It seems to me like it is a healthy way of thinking and responding to all that is out of our control and probably to those things we can control. I look forward to seeing where your journey takes you.


I was thinking about "pivot" being the word I heard most in 2021. Everyone had to do that pivot thing to survive, but SHIFT sounds so much more interesting and less volatile. It's more of a dance movement and I like the visual. You'll make this word one that will be a fun to watch you make into your own (as all your words are)!

Caffeine Girl

I would never have thought of the word "shift." That is so clever and so perfect for these crazy times. I admire those of you who can pick just one word. My brain spins too fast for that. Although, if pushed, I would pick "relax" for this year. I retired in June, and the months since then have been very hectic -- and not in a good way. I'm hoping my real retirement starts now!

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