An Entirely Different Kind of Making
Museum of Me: January 2022


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Oh fun times! (I just hate the chaos that major projects like this bring!)

I hope that this will soon be over! The joy of freshly painted rooms might be one of the best things ever!


I like that the hints of where you're going are lighter and brighter, but I'm sorry you have to go through the Dexter phase to get there. They certainly are spackling thoroughly, and the good part is that the painters will be done soon and you and Tom won't still be painting yourselves in several months!


Oh yes, chaos reigns, but the new look is going to be so amazing and light and bright, softer yet warm, too. Great job on picking colors!


Wow! That’s a lot you’ve got going on!
Those “after” shots look beautiful! Great job on the color selection. It looks great! Nice to have these light and warm colors arriving in winter. Beautiful.


Oh boy! That is a PAINTING job! I think you will like the colors that you chose. Lightens things up on these dark winter days.


Yes! The lighter colors will be so nice Kym. Gosh I hate the mess of a job like that though. The good news: you and Tom are not doing it!! You just get to enjoy it when it is all finished. Hope it is quick!!


Everything will be so much brighter and I think that will make you very happy! Hopefully not too much longer before your set up is not chaotic!


I'm already loving the LIGHT!!! So worth the disruption and chaos.


Oh my word much to do!

Can't wait to see what it looks like when it is done.

We repaired and repainted two years ago. We mostly stayed with the same neutral colors, but what a CHANGE! It was a miracle what the refresh did.


You really weren't kidding about your house looking like the set of Dexter! I hope they finish up quickly so you can get things back to normal!


I like it! Hoping it goes fast and chuckling at all the patches on the stairs. A few move-in-and-outs there! :-)

gale z

That looks fabulous. I love a freshly painted lightened up room! We've got a similar situation right now in a hallway--and the kitchen is next.
(I love the stair patches)


I love all your windows - even with the dark green, but still better with the lighter paint.


That looks like a huge job, I hope it is worth it in the end x


Oh boy - you have a big project going on. The lighter colors look very pretty though. Best of luck.

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