Year in Review: The Highs and The Lows
Year in Review: 52 Quotes

Year in Review: Lightning Round!

It's time for a quick rundown of some of my favorite things and personal "Best-Ofs" in 2021.

Lightning Round . . . 
Let's go!

IMG_6311 2

Best investment. . .  Therabody Elite (We call it The Blaster. And we use it every day.

Best scenic vista. . .  Sleeping Bear Dunes. (Pure Michigan.)


Best thing I knit. . .  The Weekender sweater

Best thing I sewed. . .  Those green overalls.

Never thought I'd . . . Ship an entire CAR across the country. (Which I did when my dad sold Erin and Keith his Outback.)

Especially proud of . . . French braiding my own hair.


Can't believe I . . . Tripped over Jenny and did a face plant into the wall. Twice! 

Total game changer . . . Plant dildos!

Pandemic silver lining . . . Patience. (These supply chain delays and staff shortages have taught me to just roll with things and have given me plenty of opportunities practice waiting. Patiently.)

Astonishing discovery . . . That it's easy to install hardware/buttons on a pair of overalls. (And especially when you've got a Tiny Anvil!)


TV worth watching . . . Ted Lasso.

Best audiobook . . . Storyteller by Dave Grohl.

Most recommended book . . . Still Life by Sarah Winman.

Poetry volume I can't get enough of . . . Rival Gardens by Connie Wanek


Favorite new obsession . . . Needle felting.

Most successful winter sport . . . Indoor gardening.

Wish I'd spent more time . . . Painting.

Song I THOUGHT would be my #1 on Spotify . . . Mr. Brightside by The Killers.  (It seems to show up on every playlist I listen to.) (Pink Floyd's Money? Really? Still stymied by that one. It's a good song, sure. But #1? I think I'd remember that.)

IMG_5681 4

Feeling sheepish about . . . Screwing up my photo scanning project. And then abandoning it.

Best thing in my garden last year . . . My Satomi dogwood.

Still gloating about . . . Being questioned at Costco about whether I was "old enough" for "senior shopping." (YES!)

Technology I'm loving . . . My new hearing aids with bluetooth!


Secret crush on . . . Harry Styles. (I know. Don't judge.)

Would absolutely do again . . . Make another pair of overalls. (And maybe another Weekender sweater.)

Miss most about the "before times" . . . Happy hour. At a bar. And going to the movies.

Favorite ritual . . . Pizza Fridays. Every Friday. (And in the summer, BONUS ice cream cone.)


Taking with me into the new year . . . A sense of humor, that patience I found, and . . . well. That photo project.

Leaving behind . . . My energy-sucking scrolling habit. (It's gotta go.)


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I love this post! I just started Still Life. I don’t remember placing a library hold but it just showed up this week so hooray. And I need to leave behind that scrolling habit. Let me know if you have any helpful hints on how to make that happen.


What a fun way to recap the year! I think you should definitely be proud of those overalls and the Costco question about being old enough for senior shopping! Go you! I bought Dale a theragun to help with his ongoing leg pain and he hasn't used it AT ALL. We should talk about this!


Lots of great stuff here! I knew you could French braid your hair and I think about the perfection of your green overalls. For some reason, I tended to scroll when I was in bed, both before I fell asleep and when I first woke up. I started putting my phone on my dresser (not on the headboard within easy reach), so now I have to get out of bed to get my phone. Once I'm up, the desire to scroll is gone so I don't do it anymore. Of course, this only works if you can tie your scrolling habit to specific times and can un-link the scrolling and having your phone in easy reach. I'm also loving my indoor gardening and have started making careful plans to move my plants from MD to NJ.


All.Of.This! Gosh, I laughed, and smiled, and smiled some more, and then laughed even harder!

I am starting Still Life in 3, 2, 1....

Happy New Year, Kym!


Kym - Your year end posts are wonderful and thought-provoking, as always.
Thank you for "sharing" both your specific thoughts and also the way you look at the "end of year time". I find these posts so meaningful each year. Thank you.
May you have a wonderful 2022.


Lovely to catch up with all the things that I have missed from not reading blogs this year. I love your french braid (or plait as we call them here in the uk). I have been able to do them on myself since I was a teenager but I am totally unable to do them on anyone else, much to the disapointment of my daughter.


Love, love this post as I do all your post. They make me laugh and think. I'm not a reflective person , at least not an organized reflective person to write down my reflections . Heck, I can barely remember what I did the day before! Your green overalls are nudging me to try and sew a pair, but then again my first thought is, 'that's a lot of work to pee when wearing them'. Im lazy as well as non-reflective;-/. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Linda W.

Love your Best Ofs! You sold me on Rival Gardens and Still Life. My hair is getting long enough again (I had chopped it off during the summer) so I'll try french braiding it. I am trying to get hopeful for 2022. Thinking of signing up for that landscape drawing class in February at the local art college; I will have to double mask it for the class since a couple of my friends (in New Orleans and Honolulu) have caught the new variant. Have a Happy New Year Kym!


This whole post is so much fun! You have me thinking about heading for a hearing test. I love my airpods and think hearing aids would be the best of both worlds.


I know I've told you this before, Kym, but I really love your hair and hope that mine is as flattering as it gets more and more gray. I know this post wasn't about your selfies, but I'm always drawn to how gorgeous your hair looks when you post them.

Do you ever hate getting carded at a bar when you were in your 20s? I know I did, but I would LOVE to get carded now, for anything that I'm old enough for. I'm guessing the day you got questioned at Costco was a really good one!


Sooooo many good things here! (And they gave me the senior discount one day at Papa Gino's and I almost cried!) And that scrolling habit...I hear ya. xo

kathy b

You are a favorite p1ace I visit
I had to change my site to :
kathy b I stopped for a bit and restarted with bigger

kim in oregon

So many lovely photos of you.


I love end-of-year lists. Yours is a lot of fun!


Such a fun post Kym and a nice look at your life! Those green overalls are the best (and I admit to being so envious over how you look in them!!). I'm enjoying all the year-end posts that folks are doing.


I am buying a theragun right this minute… have been mulling it over since I first read your post, and my shoulder says NOW!!

Also, Harry Styles. I share your secret crush… or maybe not so secret since IG insists on feeding me a steady stream of HS videos. At least he’s not fattening. 😂

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