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Putting an Accent on the Holiday

I haven't been knitting much lately. Oh, I have another Musselburgh hat on the needles (for Tom, but not for Christmas) that I work on while watching TV. But lately I've been sewing (Christmas gifts) and doing some embroidery (because I'm smitten) and . . . well . . . poking fiber into linen with a needle.


I made a needle felted poinsettia pillow.

I bought this kit last year (oops . . . . tried to link, but the shop's website is closed for the holidays and restocking; sorry), but I was too busy cranking out gifts so I put it away (true to form) and tried not to feel too guilty about it. Anyway. I pulled the kit out at Thanksgiving and decided to give it a go this year.

I really love needle felting. There's something therapeutic about handling that fleece and then poking at it with a sharp needle. Repeatedly. It's good for stress; kind of mindful.

Anyway. This is a really simple kit (I really wish I could share a link. . . ). Very straightforward. Kind of like paint-by-numbers, only with fiber instead of paint. It started out looking like this . . . 


The design is printed onto the (pre-sewn!) linen pillow cover, and you just apply the fiber - by poking - as drawn out for you.


Felted Sky kits are very well put together. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, there are links to videos if you want to see the steps along the way, and all the materials are included. (Again, wish I could share a link.) This is considered an "easy" or "beginner" level kit, and I would agree . . . although it is a bigger project and still takes some time to complete. (Poking fiber with a needle is not necessarily a fast process. . . )

I did veer off the instructions a bit, though. I decided to spice things up a bit . . . 


(I wanted to add a little "depth" to the piece, so I added some "shadows." But the pillow doesn't really need that.

When I was finished with the needle felting, I just gave it a good steam press and popped it over a pillow form.

A lovely Christmas accent!


It makes me smile every time I walk into the room.


(Here's a link to the Felted Sky Studios Instagram account if you want to check out some of their products/designs.)


How about you?
What are you making these days?




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What a wonderful pillow! So far I've avoided the needle felting thing (I can't finish all the other projects I have or want to do anyway), but this post makes it all so tempting!!


Oh, that's really pretty! It looks like it has a little dimension, and I love your shadowing.


I have always had a hard time "believing" that repeatedly poking fiber with a needle could produce something so lovely, but it obviously works! You've made it very tempting, so 2022 may be the year I finally try needle felting.


I am mostly knitting although I have been dabbling with watercolor and planning to sew a dress and start some embroidery so I guess all the things. Love your pillow


That is a beautiful pillow - I haven't tried needle felting yet, but have wanted to do it. Maybe this will inspire me.


That pillow is lovely! It’s such a nice feeling of accomplishment to see it finished and in place, isn’t it?
I’m still knitting, but I have a renewed interest in counted cross stitch and embroidery.


This looks like such fun and makes a very festive piece! I think needle felting is a really good activity for stressful times -- nothing gets rid of anger or stress like poking something repeatedly with a sharp needle!

kim in oregon

I love felting, although I have injured myself multiple times doing it.


That is a really great pillow! I'm intrigued by needle felting and also intimidated by it but a preprinted kit seems like a good place to start. I'll try to remember to circle back to the website when they open back up.


Awesome pillow!


I'd smile, too! the pillow is gorgeous, and wow! that you made it!!


That pillow is so sweet! Felting by numbers... hmmm. I like that idea!


What a great looking pillow and a great idea for a Christmas diversion.


Wow, that is so lovely, what a great idea for a needle felting kit.


That pillow would make me smile too. It's beautiful. I'm working on two shawls and doing a little spinning. I have a sweater on the needles but it seems to have slipped to the back burner. Shawls are comfort knitting for me and they feel just right this month.

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