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If there is ever a month to rev your engines . . . it's surely December!

With that, Readers, let's . . . 


On the first Monday of the month, I share random things that have recently caught my eye. Interesting articles, little factoids, and inspiring this-and-that, for the most part. Things that might help get your day started in a revved-up kind of way.


Let's start things off with a quote . . . 

"It is December, and nobody asked if I was ready."
            --- Sarah Kay



First, something I share every year in December . . . 

Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 4.46.08 PM

Yes. It's time again for NPR's treasure trove of book recommendations -- and the best and most interactive site for readers out there -- Books We Love (formerly known as NPR's Book Concierge). Click in for every kind of recommendation you could hope for, sliced and diced by year, genre, page length, mood, you name it! Check it out now -- and then bookmark it for later. Because it's the kind of reference you'll want to use all year long!


Next, something fun . . . and maybe even (kinda) educational. Especially if you're looking for nearly-any-excuse not to do almost any kind of chore around the house.

Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 4.50.52 PM

Harper's Bazaar has put together a photo retrospective of what high heels looked like through the years. You can click in and marvel at the evolution of high heels . . . and you can find see what women were wearing the year you were born. (I was born in 1959, and that photo shows what my mom and her friends thought was all the rage.) Click in . . . it's a great way to waste a bit of time.


Next, I've got some information that might be helpful - or at least comforting - the next time you find yourself waiting for medical test results.


It happens to all of us sometimes . . . "scanxiety" . . . when we're waiting to learn the results of some medical test or another. While this Medium article doesn't really solve the "problem" of feeling stressed while waiting, it does explain a bit about why this happens -- and that it's very typical for us to feel this way. There are also a few suggestions about managing your stress while waiting: setting boundaries for yourself, finding calming activities to occupy your mind, and movement.


And then . . . I saved the best for last!

Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 4.45.09 PM

I recently found this article by Barbara Kingsolver -- Where It Begins: Knitting as Creation Story. Now, I've always loved Barbara Kingsolver's writing. Many of her novels have space on my "favorite books of all times" shelves, and I find her poetry stunning. So . . . I guess I shouldn't be surprised to find out she's a knitter! This article was first published long ago, but I'd never seen it until recently. It's wonderful! If you want to give yourself a little gift of language and the warmth of woolly words, give it a read!


And with that, we're OFF!
Here's to a great week for all of us.

Happy December, everyone.


And . . . I'm having a bit of an adventure this week. I'm not sure how much blogging time I'll have, exactly (maybe a lot, maybe not so much), but I'll be back for sure on Friday . . . to open a new exhibit in the Museum of Me.






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I love your plant window!!

Hope you've made it to your destination...



Oh, those twinkle lights on your window are fab! And I love the heels through time exhibit. 1965 shows a low heeled patent leather pump and I wore shoes just like that when I was at Wheaton. Thanks for the article on waiting for medical test results, it's nice to know I'm in good company. I hope your adventure results in great things.


Barbara Kingsolver's prose reads almost like poetry! I hope your adventure is a fun one!


Thanks Kym! Have fun on your adventure! xo


These are all fun things to get our week off on the right start. Happy adventuring!

kathy b

Oh those shoes! My mom wore Pappaga11os, and my daughter and I think she 1ooked great in them. We try to find pairs when we can.


What a great post! Thank you!


My 70's were filled with Olaf's Daughter clogs from the Purple Porpoise and Dr. Scholl's sandals from the drugstore. My 80's were Reebok Aerobic sneakers ala Jane Fonda and Aigner or John Romaine pumps for work.

Today it is Keen Hiking Sandals and L. L. Bean clog shoes and boots along with a couple of pair of Brooks running shoes.

I think somewhere in the far back of my closet there just may be a pair of black, low-heel Clark pumps that I bought for a funeral. Their one and only time being worn (so far).


Lovely photos of ladies in high heels (which had become a bit more kittenish by 1962) and learning Barbara Kingsolver is a knitter ... what a great way to start the week!


Oh Barbara Kingsolver. I read the article once and it was nice to be reminded of it again. Of course she is a knitter. Thanks for the NPR link on books. Happy Adventuring.


The Barbara Kingsolver article... thank you! I needed that!

And my nana was a high heel goddess... oh I love how she rocked those heels! Thank you for that awesome link!


When the Women's Place Bookstore brought Barbara to town for readings she would knit during down times. I saw her in action a couple of times!

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