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Out My Window

Tonight is the winter solstice . . . the longest night of the year.

IMG_7258 2

When I look out my windows during the day, the scenery is pretty bleak.
There is no snow to speak of.
The garden is dormant. 

But at night, out my windows, I get this . . . 


My lights . . . are doubled! Those lights on the right - through the patio door? It looks like there's a tree outside, but that's just a reflection of the birch tree inside.


It happens all over in my house. Reflections of my inside lights . . . out my windows!

I call it my solstice bonus.
And it's very welcome right now.


Today is also this guy's birthday . . . 

IMG_6702 (1)

Happy Birthday, Tom! 
Here's to a year filled with all the things you like best! (Me, included.)


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Happy birthday Tom!!! I do love seeing all the lights. This year we put some on our arbor and on the apple tree - both in the back yard, so I see them ALL the time. Happy solstice! I heard or read someone refer to this as the "hush season" which I like very much.


Happy Birthday Tom!

And those light reflections are just so awesome!


Happy Birthday, Tom! I will be turning on all my Christmas lights and lighting candles tonight to help light the way through the longest night. Enjoy your awesome Solstice bonus!


Happy birthday, Tom!!! Here is to another joyous circuit around the sun.


Happy Birthday, Tom! I hope you get to celebrate this day to the mostest!
We have snow, too much snow. We'd take more! I am SO happy this day has arrived and can't wait to watch as the light (incrementally) return!


I love those reflections, so beautiful. Solstice blessings to you and a happy birthday to Tom!


I'm ready for solstice reflections, it's an important tradition for us. And Happy Birthday to Tom, one of the nicest guys I've ever met!

kim in oregon

Happy birthday to Tom! Peaceful solstice to all!


Happy Birthday to Tom! Hand Happy Solstice to you - I shall toast you in some twinkling lights tonight. xo


Happy Birthday, Tom, and happy Solstice to us all!


Happy Birthday to Tom!
All of your lights are lovely. I wish you Happy Solstice!


Ah, best wishes for you both ... and woot! for even mere minutes of extra light!


Oh that's fabulous!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM!!!


What beautiful lights - inside and out. Happy Birthday to your husband.


Happy birthday to Tom! And here's to the return of the light.


I hope Tom had a happy birthday! Beautiful lights!

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