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Last month I explained that I'm "in training" for getting old. (Which I want to do with as much style and grace as I can muster, by the way.) I've been doing a lot of research over the past several months, gathering and reading articles, studies and books about aging (I am a Questioner, after all. . . ), and I'm feeling ready to dig into the topic of aging . . . with intention.


(You might remember that I did a little "Selfie" project during 2020. Just taking random selfies of myself through what I thought was going to be a singular year in history. Ha. I'm still doing it . . . Not so "singular" a year after all, as it turns out.)

Anyway. "Officially," I'm planning to begin my deep dive into aging with intention in January (because who wants to start anything new when we're still in the midst of Hannukah . . . or deep into planning for Christmas . . . and setting our sights on a brand new year?), so I thought I'd just throw a place holder here. A little reminder to you that I'm Doing This. Next year.

And . . . because I want to get your thoughts on something.

"Aging," of course, is an all-encompassing topic with many facets. (Because stage of LIFE. . . ). I'm collecting really good information on a number of aging-related topics: health and well-being, finances, legal considerations, attitudes, feeling invisible, relationships, downsizing, retirement, maintaining brain health, social life. The list goes on and on and on. 

Which makes me wonder . . . what concerns you most about aging? What are you most interested in learning, discussing, thinking about? What would be helpful for you to know? Where are your gaps? Let me know in the comments, or shoot me an email. I want to know.

Let's get this party started!

"It's not how old you are, it's how you are old."
                --- Jules Renard


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I think I have good information about health, retirement, finances, legal stuff, etc., but can always use more. The thing that concerns me most is Medicare. I turn 65 next year, and everyone I've spoken to has had some three or four-month-long glitch in signing up for it. I've spent too much time on the website, and find the parts confusing. Luckily we'll probably be on COBRA for 18 months after John retires in Feb. because it will be cheaper and better coverage, so that will give me plenty of time to figure it out. Looking forward to your aging project!


A few years ahead of you on the aging front. One thing I think it's important to be aware of: one can be as proactive as possible but the reality is the effects of aging on your body and mind is not something you can control.

With that in mind, it is important to learn how and when to adapt, and when to push through. And be careful about judging others when they start to slide a bit.

And for Bonny....our life is much simpler and better covered with Medicare. Go to the classes (libraries have good ones) or find an insurance broker. Pay attention to your adjusted gross income when you start using retirement funds. That affects how much you pay for Medcare.


I think what concerns me most is losing the ability to drive. I live where you have to drive (at least a little bit) to get to anything.

Both my parents retained good mobility, so genetically if that counts, I should be able to stay in my house. But, driving here is a challenge even for young people. Traffic can be a bear. I don't want to be another "problem" on the road, but I still need to retain the ability to get where I need to go.


I appreciate that you are blazing this trail! At this stage in my life, my biggest concern is accepting aging as (hopefully hahaha) inevitable and learning to embrace it rather than fight it.


So interesting that you have this question today. I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about aging and purpose. That is something I saw with my dad. So I think about that frequently. What will give my life purpose as I age? I think that is why I have been dipping my toe into so many things this last year - trying to make sure I can keep a variety of interests. That way, if I am no longer able to do one thing, I can switch to something else. Medicare does make things easier but the initial switchover was so complicated and time consuming.


Medicare... for sure. Social Security... start when? What is smartest? And Yes, downsizing, brain health, and making the switch to a physician for older people... (which is just as horrific as it sounds)


Being a sandwich-taking care of frail MIL, supporting twenty-somethings in a high rent market, and working full-time. Let’s not forget the joys of menopause-mental fog, short temper, low libido, and blemishes- definitely too old for that.

kim in oregon

I'm really afraid of DH dying and being alone (we have no kids). It keeps me up at night.


My goal is to age as gracefully as possible. Be active and live as fully as possible but at the same time accept those changes that I can't control. I would like not to be a burden to my children.


I so appreciate your sharing what you learn along the way. Even as someone who is, um, a bit behind you in the aging process, I still think about it and worry that I haven't done enough already to prepare for it. Saving for retirement is a big concern; lots of financial stuff just doesn't make sense to me, and I'm sure I could be doing more. I really have two big concerns about my later years: I want to be physically active and healthy as long as I can, and I want to be sure I have done enough planning ahead of time that I am not struggling financially or a become a burden on my family.


I've got the medicare and wealth management under control (I am over 70 after all), BUT, my biggest concern is my body, particularly my joints. They are my main weakness and every single one of them can act up in a painful way at one point or another. I'd like to work on strengthening each area in ways that don't require a gym or much in the way of equipment. I know that's a big ask but any insight will be helpful.


My biggest concern is that I can keep moving and not being limited in doing the things I enjoy/want to do because my body won't "let me". (and yikes after reading the other comments, I'm glad we have a few more years before Medicare, and Marc gets to be the guinea pig there)

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