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A Little Festive Friday Fun For You

Let's talk . . . holiday movies . . . for a minute.

Are you a fan? Do you fill your December with holiday movie viewing? Or do you (like me) live with a holiday-movie-bah-humbug who has little tolerance for that type of thing?

Last week, I found a downloadable list of Christmas movies (note that the list also indicates information about where you can stream the movie this month), and I thought it might be a fun list to share. (The original list is here. I found this link rabbit-holing from somewhere else . . . probably from someone's IG story or something. You know how that goes. . . )

Holiday Movie Marathon

It seems a fairly comprehensive list to me.

I have seen most of these movies (or portions of them) over the years, although there are a few I've never heard of before, and a couple I don't usually associate with "holiday movie" (Little Women, for example, and probably While You Were Sleeping . . . although I do get the connection). When the kids were little, we watched a lot of these, but not since. (And I'm fine with never seeing Elf again in my life.) We used to have a big family tradition of watching The Muppet Christmas Carol on Thanksgiving evening. But, like so many good rituals, eventually it became chore-instead-of-fun and we let it go. My sister and I have always had a fondness for White Christmas (that Sisters song has always been a big hit with us. . . ). I can quote dialog from A Christmas Story. And even Tom likes Love, Actually. (But don't get him started on It's a Wonderful Life.)

Here's my list of go-to holiday movies . . . 

Holiday Movies My Mark Up

How about YOU? What holiday movies are you most excited about watching each year? (And is anything you like missing from this list?)


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Thank you for this list! Did not know Family Stone was on Amazon. One of my daughter’s favorites. I only saw it once, so looking forward to it! Ditto as for you regarding White Christmas and “Sisters”. Getting jaded these days about most of the others. But that will leave room for lots of Christmas sweaters on knitting podcasts. At least that’s my expectation!


We're big on Elf here! Love Actually is my all time favorite and I usually watch it alone as well as with Dale. Christmas with the Kranks is silly but fun and we always watch that and Christmas Vacation, too. We save A Christmas Carol (the one with George C. Scott is our fav) for right before Christmas. I adore White Christmas! If we had wound up with 2 female kittens I was going to name them Betty and June! I don't love It's A Wonderful Life - it's too sad, the pay off is too short, and it's rather disparaging to librarians. We also love The Santa Clause (1 and 2 but not so much 3) and A Christmas Story. There are just so many fun Christmas movies, it's an important part of our season!


I am kind of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas movies. I do enjoy Love Actually and A Christmas Story, and have a nostalgic appreciation for Charlie Brown Christmas. But you know what's missing from the list? Die Hard! Definitely not my type of movie, but Ryan and I have a discussion every year about whether it's a Christmas movie.


My list is short... so not much of a marathon! (good thing because Steve would watch ZERO of these! lol)

The original Grinch, Charlie Brown Christmas, The Holiday Inn (not on the list, but a must watch!), White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, and Polar Express.

Have a great weekend!


I enjoy many of the movies you listed, but I also enjoy Christmas in Connecticut (1945), The Bishop's Wife (the one with Carey Grant), and the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim.
Hope you have a great weekend!


YES, BONNY, DIE HARD!! Haha. We watched it for the first time last year.

I like Love Actually and The Family Stone has grown on me, but I enjoy them most when watching with my girls.

I'm looking forward to watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with the kiddos over the weekend.


One movie that we almost always watch but that isn't on here is Christmas in Connecticut. It's a classic and one that's very quotable ("I don't flip 'em, I scoop 'em."). I've seen a fair number of these and there are a few I'm happy to watch again, but there are also plenty I have no interest in watching or rewatching.

kim 'sorry I love Elf' in Oregon

I will have to respectfully disagree with you about Elf. I love the absolute silliness of it! YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES.

I used to love "Love Actually" until I noticed how it isn't 'aging' that well (primarily in portrayals of women) but I do dearly love BIll Nighy and will watch it for him!

I also have always loved "White Christmas" and it isn't aging well either but I think Vera Ellen is a goddess.


Not a fan of Christmas movies. My friends convinced me to go with them to see ELF when it came out. I have never felt more like a hostage in my entire life. LOL


We plan to watch Die Hard (it's iconic!) but not a fan of many more. Maybe we can dip our toe in and try a couple that will make us laugh! Thanks for the lists, Kym! Merry, merry!


Smiling's my Favorite - we watched Elf last night :-) and the "colorful" It's a Wonderful Life on Thanksgiving (must admit, still not a fan, but the color really helps) I'm glad to see that the "new" Little Women is streaming now. Sara and I saw that in the theater the Christmas it came out and I'd love to see it again (with her). White Christmas and Muppet Christmas Carol are my only two must watches. The first with my sister, and the second with anyone I can find ... it's so true to the original story (which I listen to every year - Tim Curry's narration is fantastic), and I love Michael Caine and whole muppet crew.


Thanks for the list! There are several that I will check out.

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