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And then . . . all of a sudden . . . it's feeling very fall-ish around here.


As in . . . I'm wearing shoes AND socks again. (And that says a lot, let me tell you.) (Because I fight footwear - and especially socks - in a big way.)

Here are three random things I'm thinking about today.

Thing One: It is amazing how exhausting it is to sit around all day, not being very busy! Yes. My day at the polls on Tuesday was low-key and not very eventful. While there was plenty of time for knitting or reading, there was usually just enough "voting action" that it was hard to find a flow. And, of course, my co-workers were a pretty chatty bunch. While it's nice to sit and chit-chat with new people, I also find it tedious and draining after a while. And although I'd really like to shout out "Stop talking now. I'm trying to knit here!" . . . I don't. I nod my head and ask all the right Small Talk Questions. A long nap yesterday really helped!

Thing Two: We'd had a dusting of snow yesterday when I first woke up. It was fairly magical to see things covered with a light coating of flakes, and I'm generally okay with snow falling once we get into November, but . . . it's always a surprise. The "snow" didn't last long once the sun rose, but it was a good reminder that . . . winter is coming.


Thing Three: I really need to organize myself for the holidays . . . because here they come, ready or not! I'm not planning any gift-knitting this year (ARE YOU?), but thinking about putting together some other handmade (and quicker) things. We'll see!

And that's it for me this Thursday morning.
Lots of randoming going on over here in my little corner of the world.

How about you?



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Those flakes make the landscape look magical, kind of like Narnia! There have been many times I've wanted to yell "You can stop talking now!" and have wondered if others felt the same. It seems so! My organization for the holidays so far has been searching for pumpkin and cranberry sauce (several stores were out of them) and culling my Christmas decorations once again. I'd like to knit hats for the boys, but I better start them soon if I'm actually going to do it. (Sorry about the shoes and socks.)


I remember plenty of times that we've skipped over spring to get to summer in Michigan. But I don't remember skipping over autumn? I understand Gaylord got 12" of heavy wet stuff on Tuesday night.

Thank you for your service as a poll worker....I don't think I could do it.


I pretty much always find chit-chat to be tedious and boring and draining. I would have been tempted to nod off right then and there - LOL. I have knit a bunch of socks for Christmas and now want to knit a few other things, but nothing much...still...I need to get started. No snow here (yet), but gosh it's been in the 20's mornings and that is COLD!!!


I put on shoes and socks this morning for the first time and I thought of you when I did it! That small talk sounds awful but it goes with the territory, I suppose. I'm glad you got a long nap!


Your little bit of snow looks so pretty.

Socks and shoes have been de rigueur around here for quite some time. (I am TOTALLY a socks girl!)

Fall is in its last days here. The leaves are starting to fall and glimpses of winter are everywhere.

I do not do Christmas knitting/gifting. We don't really do gifting at all for Christmas. We make it a very low-key time.

That's MY bit of random for the day. Hope you have a great Thursday and are all rested up from the small talk of Tuesday.


I like this randomness! (and I am nodding my head at how draining poll working is... on so many levels!)

I am only gift knitting for Steve this year... and that feels like such a relief! Whew! (and I was contemplating holiday decorations yesterday!)


When I went outside last night to take stuff to the composter, the air smelled like winter -- I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but there's a very distinct smell to winter air, at least in my opinion. So I was not at all surprised to see frost everywhere this morning (no snow yet, though).

I am doing a little holiday gift knitting, but not for everyone. I figure I will see how far I get. Chanukah is really early this year (it starts the weekend after Thanksgiving!), so anything I do decide to make will have to get done soon if it's going to be a Chanukah gift.


Isn't it amazing how much certain things drain us while others energize us? And that it's different for everyone? I'm with you on the small talk. (At the worst of times, it makes me feel panicky; at the best of times, I just want to scream.) But anyway. Your tolerance contributed to a good cause, at the end of the day! I spent Tuesday afternoon watching Suffragette (2015). I'm guessing you've seen it--but if not, I highly recommend. Moving and powerful and provokes good conversation.


Silence is so under appreciated;-) Doug and I just drove 15ish hours twice in 6 days and I’m certain there wasn’t 3 hours total of chit chat in the car! The deck has been quite slick the last few mornings…it’s coming. Gift knitting…nope. Got a baby blanket to finish and then…who knows! So sorry ‘bout those shoes and socks. xo


I also find small talk tedious and draining. I can handle just so much and then I need to get away from it. I have knit a pair of socks for my daughter and a hat for my daughter-in-law. I'd like to knit a pair of mitts from handspun for my sister but we'll see. The knitting part is easy but I can't speed up the spinning. Maybe she will get them for Valentine's Day. It is definitely wool sock weather here.

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