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Out My Window

"Throw open your window and let the scenery of clouds and sky enter your room."
                -- Yosa Buson

I am very fortunate to have wonderful, big windows in my house . . . along with some pretty great views. (It helps to live on a hill.) (And to be a gardener, too, I suppose.) I thought it might be fun to share my views with you once in a while.


Last Friday, as the sun was coming up, I could see some remaining fall colors in my little "grove" of trees (there is a little, glowing serviceberry peeking out on the left, then the now-nearly-bare larch, and then the red-bronze dogwood on the right). A storm was due to come in, so I wanted to capture what might have been the last of the color . . . out my window.

Meanwhile, this is what that sunrise looked like from the other side of my house - looking west, out my front windows.


That glow gets me every time!

And here's something new this year. . . 


That fabulous orange tree? It's an oak tree. And never in my years of looking out this window has it turned orange! It's one of those oaks that holds on to its tough brown leaves all winter long. . . usually. But in this very strange color season, its leaves have turned a brilliant orange -- and I can see them out my window.

Then the storm came through . . . 


And I got this view out my window . . . 


Here's to a great week for all of us!
Don't forget to take in the view . . . out your window.


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You do have gorgeous views Kym! I love seeing your different garden views - such pretty trees you have and that oak is amazing!!


I got to see the "glow" this morning while out walking the dogs. Beautiful pink in the east, golden glow to the west.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous views!


Wow... that oak tree! I wonder why it did that? (now I am off to google to see what I can find!)

This Monday especially... I am thankful for this beauty you shared! XO


I love seeing your views, it reminds me of being there and seeing them in person. That orange glow is really something! You can have the snow, though, I don't want to see any of that here just yet!


What gorgeous views (and that big window looks perfect for your indoor plants)! We have two big oaks and they've held onto their brown leaves all winter for the 30+ years we've lived there. I'm crossing my fingers that one of them might have even a bit of that amazing orange when we return to NJ later this week. Thanks for sharing your amazing views!


Our oaks turned a deep burgundy red this year instead of their usual brown. And the beech were brilliant gold rather than their usual bronze. Who more weird in another wise weird year.


So pretty! I love it when the leaves glow!! It'll be interesting to see whether that oak holds onto its leaves this year...


You DO have a beautiful view (even with the snow)!

I have really been enjoying the fall colors here. I thought after the weekend storms the leaves would all be gone, but my Chinese maple is hanging tough.


The golden colors of autumn get me every time! We have very warm weather and our fall show has been extended, but even without snow, it is coming to an end. Stay warm, Kym.


That glow! It's such a gorgeous sight. I love that vibrant orange especially when we get into the gloom of the colder months. Your snow is pretty, too, though I hope it stuck around just long enough to be pretty and not long enough to be a bother. We were supposed to get some here yesterday, and there were some flurries on my walk in the morning, but then I guess it warmed up just enough to turn it all to rain.


You have some beautiful views out of your windows and I love that autumn glow! It had been dark and dreary here for days and I long for some sunshine and blue sky!


You live in a beautiful place!


We have had some amazing views of colors out our windows too. Of course all those yellow leaves on the driveway make my husband nuts but it really is pretty.


What beautiful views - all of them. I noticed an oak in our neighborhood whose usual tough brown leaves are all yellow. Usually it drops those leaves in the spring. I wonder if they will lose those colored leaves or keep them through the winter.


A Room with a View…you certainly have them, Kym! I also love that golden glow.

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