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By the time you read this, I'll be busy working at today's local election. (I'm banking on plenty of downtime for some reading and knitting, although who knows . . . an uncontested mayorial election and a couple of city council seats may get more interest than I expect.) (But I doubt it.)


I thought I'd share two photos with you today, just for fun. As I mentioned, Erin was in a Halloween wedding in Ohio over the weekend. The bride was one of Erin's college roommates, and Erin was a bridesmaid. Keith served as the officiant for the ceremony. 

The bride . . . is an artist, and also a huge fan of Halloween. She made "cultist robes" for the entire wedding party! Here are Erin and Keith, sporting theirs.


Fun, huh?

And . . . here are the Halloween bride and groom!

IMG_6650 2

The bride designed and stitched their wedding finery! 

Erin says it was a great, Halloween-y event, complete with an appropriately "creepy" venue, spooky decorations, and far more treats than tricks. Lots of fun for everyone. (And Erin and Keith are already safely back home in California. It really was a whirlwind trip for them.)


I think I'll be back tomorrow, but if I'm not . . . well. You'll know why.
Enjoy your day!




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Those are some seriously impressive duds! I may be more of a traditionalist when it comes to wedding clothes, but even I can appreciate the skill that went into those outfits.

I hope you have plenty of knitting time today -- and thank you for being a poll worker!


I am truly impressed by the bride's stitching prowess! Her gown looks incredible and to do all that sewing for the wedding seems quite a labor of love. Also, does Erin's hair match her dress? Cool look!


I am in awe of the bride's stitching! Wow! Gorgeous! (and how nice to see Erin and Keith!!) Good luck today!


GORGEOUS!!!!! Wow.


Oh my! How amazing are these clothes? I love them. Not sure I would want them for a wedding (that's not me), but they are simply beautiful (I also noticed the brides nails on her one hand!!). Glad Erin and Keith are back home safely.


I can't stop Oh My Godding over here. That dress! Her talent! Whew!!!


Amazing wedding finery indeed! I'm glad Erin and Keith had a good time. I hope the election work isn't too boring today.


All that finery! I'm sure they had a magical time!!

A single one of our seven Commissioner seats is up for citywide election (commissioner retired), on the 16th, so we have a couple of more weeks. Pretty sure the polls will be eerily silent around here. Unfortunately we have a large part of the populace who prefer to complain rather than exercise their responsibility to elect those who govern.

I hope you get a turnout that keeps you relatively busy!


We have nothing to vote on today in east central Illinois . I hope your day goes well!
I am so impressed with the amazing wedding clothes, especially the bride's gown!

kim in oregon

The clothes are gorgeous!


What a talented young lady - gorgeous work. Glad Erin and Keith had fun and made it back safe and sound.


Those costumes were amazing.

The bridge was hauntingly beautiful and the groom spookily handsome.


What interesting wedding finery. The bride's stitching is amazing. Thank you for working the polls.


oh thank you for those photos! and for working the polls. (and putting up with all that small talk ... ugh...)

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