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Finding Hope . . . In a Book

It's Friday, and once again, I've been . . . 


I like it best when hope finds ME, actually. When I'm not really looking for it, y'know?
And that's how it happened this week. 

It all started when I was at the library. I was picking up a book I'd had on hold, and once I had it in my hands, I decided to just peruse the "new releases" shelf to see what else was available.

And this lovely cover caught my eye from the "hot picks" shelf . . . 


I grabbed it and read the inside flap. Hmmm. Might be kinda interesting? But the schmaltz-factor also felt like it kinda might tilt toward "high"? So I got my phone out and opened the Goodreads app to check out some reviews. Lo and behold . . . Margene had just finished reading it --- and she gave it 5 stars!!! I immediately added it to my book pile and headed over to check them out (because Margene and I have very similar taste in books, and I trust her recommendations above all others).

I started reading it as soon as I got home, and was immediately bathed . . .  in the goodness of people; the goodness of life. The kindness. The respect. The love. (You know that feeling you get when you watch Ted Lasso? It's like that. Only in book form.) 

Still Life is a wonder! It’s engaging and fresh and a little bit magical. The characters are delightful - and almost without exception, they feel like . . . friends, like the best kind of family. It's a talk-y book, and the dialog is clever, snappy, sometimes funny and sometimes deep. And it's mainly set in picture-perfect Florence, which provides a stunning backdrop. There is art and poetry, love and loyalty, kindness and hope -- with just enough introspection to make you sigh now and then.

It's a book that makes you feel like you've got a spot at the table . . . with people you love most.
It's a book that made me feel good about everything.
It's a book filled with the best things about people . . . and that gives me hope.

"Book are a uniquely portable magic."
            -- Stephen King




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Thank you for sharing, it sounds wonderful!


I put that book on my list when Margene recommended it and now a follow up from you! So it will stay on that list, maybe even move up a few notches.


Oooo! Okay, I am off to see if my library has that book! It sounds like exactly what I need this week!


Still Life sounds like magic! A book with a lovely cover, that makes me feel good about everything, and with low schmaltz is definitely going on my list. I'm off to add it my library holds (and maybe even buy it if it's a long wait). I want to read it NOW!


I bought this book from the UK last summer as it wasn't published here until November. I loved it! It is my favorite book of the year and I've been singing it's praises to anyone who is looking for a good read. It stole my heart right from the beginning as I LOVED the characters. Thanks for passing the word along, Kym!


Once again you've added to my lengthy library holds list.

Have a great weekend, curled up with a book. I'm in the midst of The Sentence right now, which I love. I see you loved it too.


Always fun to find a book you find *questionable*, but it turns out you love it.


I’ve been looking for a book to purchase that I can share with a group of friends and family. Still LIfe seems to fit the bill. Thanks!


Thank-you! #51 on 6 copies. ;-) Have a wonderful weekend! xo


I bet your librarians love you! And thanks for the book recommendation.


That book is on my list! Hope you have a good weekend!


Thanks for the book recommendation. I've seen it pop up on indie lists but your review pushes me to put it on my list. Kindness and hope sounds just perfect.


My library finally has it (I've looked for it before), so it's on my hold list. Glad to hear another glowing review!

kathy b

Beauty of a cover. So happy you shared a happy book.


I am with you on objecting to the schmaltz factor. (What an excellent word for that squishy quality!) Gonna request that book -- thanks!


I have this one on my bookcart (physical TBR) thanks 100% to Margene's recommendation - have you read Tin Man? It's a beautiful story. I also have Winman's two other books on my cart and look forward to reading - and loving? - them too.

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