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At the Starting Line: Revving Up for November

And. Just like THAT . . . it's November! 
Let's get our engines revving, shall we?

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On the first Monday of the month, I share random things that have recently caught my eye. Interesting articles, little factoids, and inspiring this-and-that, for the most part. Things that might help get your day started in a revved-up kind of way.


Let's start things off with a quote . . . 

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower."
            --- Albert Camus

Every week, I find a quote that suits my mood and I write it in my (old school) planner . . . right at the top where I am reminded of it each day. This year, it's really taken a long while for (what I think of as) "fall" to begin. It's only recently gotten consistently chilly. The leaves are finally beginning to turn color and fall. I'm still fighting shoes and socks, but that's typical for me until the snow falls. But. Here we are. November!



First up, I've got the coolest thing to share: The Literature Clock. I heard about it last week, and just can't stop . . . checking it! Apparently, a guy named Jaap Meijer created a special kind of . . . clock . . . for his book-crazy girlfriend. But. This isn't just any clock! It updates the time every minute - on a Kindle - with a literary quote using that time indication. So if it's say . . . 9:23 . . . the clock will display a quote that includes the time 9:23. He has left detailed "instructions" so others can turn their Kindles into clocks. Or . . . if you're not interested in "jailbreaking" your Kindle, a guy named Johannes Enevoldsen picked up the concept and created a web-based Literature Clock. You can click here to watch the clock in a whole new way! (Once I caught on to how cool this really is, I can't look away.) It works. It's cool. I love it!



Next, I'm gonna stay with the "literature" theme, but veer off a little into . . . have you ever wondered??? territory. As in . . . have you ever wondered why so many books out these days have covers that just look like blobs of color? I know I have . . . and then I saw this article that explains the how and the why behind the book blobs, the latest book-cover-design trend.

So. Now you know.


Let's talk sewing for a minute now, shall we? When it comes to sewing, my least favorite step is the cutting out step. (If something is already cut out, my odds of actually sitting down and sewing it are astronomically high. If I have to cut it out first? Ummm. Not so much.) And if there's any part of sewing I hate EVEN MORE than cutting out, it's taping pieces of pattern together from a downloaded PDF file.

Don't get me wrong. I love the ease and convenience of instant-download patterns (and I love supporting the indie designers that depend on instant-downloads to sell their patterns). But. That taping? Major hassle. I found a local printer to print out my pattern files using the "copy shop" option, but it's pretty darn pricey. I've also used Patternsy -- all the way in the UK -- but super fast, pleasant to deal with, and way cheaper than my local print shop. 

Last week, I saw that Helen's Closet (designer of a couple of my favorite indie patterns . . . the York Pinafore and the Blackwood Cardigan) published a very helpful blog post with hints, tips, and suggestions for printing large format sewing patterns. The information in the post is great, and includes links to tried-and-true pattern printing companies all around the globe. If you're looking to print some PDF sewing patterns, it will be a great resource for you.



Lastly, in the Can You Believe This department . . . Jesus Christ Superstar (on Broadway in the US) is 50!!! I know this shouldn't surprise me at all. My sister and I listened to this album again and again and again on my little record player in our (at that time shared) bedroom. . . and we were quite young then. But still. 50 years? Time does fly! Anyway, I enjoyed reading this article about JCS at 50 in the New York Times, and I thought some of you might like it, too.


And with that, we're OFF!
Here's to a great week for all of us.

Happy November, everyone.







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That literature clock is something! I was all set to do that to my Kindle, but it sounds like it might require more skill and patience than I possess, so I've been checking the web-based one. Very cool!

Book covers are interesting, too. I like covers that tell a little something about the book, but not too much. I'd noticed all the blobs and I remember a run of "exploding flowers" a while ago.


Wishing you a very happy November as well.


Okay, that article about the cover art was really interesting (and now I'm going to think of this as the "Unicorn Frappuccino" cover trend)!


Thanks for some fun links today. I remember my 7th grade music teacher doing an entire unit on JCS and I thought she was so cool. Book covers . . . they are trendy just like everything else!


Can't believe JCS is 50! Now that makes me feel old!! I couldn't get the article on the book covers to open...probably something my work blocks...the literature clock is cool...a little fiddly for moi, but cool. Happy November!


What a fun, cool way to kickoff this month. I'm glad you finally are seeing some fall colors. and grateful to know there is some rhyme/reason to the colorful book covers. I should've guessed there was a reason the "new releases" I print for my book journal were using more ink :-) Happy November!


I'm so glad you are finally seeing some fall colors, we are seeing them here too! I can't believe Jesus Christ Superstar is 50, I was in high school when it came out, in fact next year will be my 50th reunion. I guess I really am that old! I still think I grew up with the best music! Hope you have a great November!


This post! I could barely get past that Literature Clock link! It is too fun!

Then the "where to print" post... brilliant! Thank you for that little gem! (I am with you on the puzzle of pdf patterns... and the cutting out of said patterns!)


Oh wow, that's so cool! And I just happen to have a Kindle that I don't really use for reading anymore!

I was absolutely OBSESSED with Jesus Christ Superstar! I listened to the soundtrack over and over and over. My dad took me to a local university production for my 13th birthday. I saw the movie at least six times at the theater. I've gone to other local productions, and a couple of big ones, too! What a delight to see Carl Anderson & Ted Neeley in live productions. Maybe I'm still obsessed!! :)


P.S. I've had copy shop patterns printed at a local "blueprint" shop at a MUCH more reasonable rate than at a big-name copy shop... when you have to have it RIGHT NOW!


I was wondering about all the covers! I was also obsessed with JCS and our music teacher did a unit on it as well. I still listen every other Easter or so and I think my voice is almost as good as Yvonne’s! ;-) Happy November Kym!


A good November to you. The article on printing sewing patterns is good information. Thank you. I'm with you - the tracing of patterns and cutting out is not a favorite step.


Because I read so much and I like to peruse my favorite LBS I have noticed how many covers are basically repeated over and over. It's a turn off for me, personally. I'm also worried about the dominance of one or two publishing houses and the smaller publishing houses suffering to stay alive.
I've decided sewing isn't my jam and one reason was the problem of patterns. Thank you for solving that if my future self decides to sew again. For now my focus is to finish my AC project.

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