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A Week of Gratitude: Wednesday

This week I bring you a . . . 


I don't know about you, but I'm really in the thick of it now. It is my biggest "prep" day of the year! Pies and potatoes and guest room and tablecloth and hoping to avoid a last minute stop at the grocery store.

I secretly love the flurry of activity. 

Today is Wednesday. I'm grateful for my energy and a (reasonably) good attitude.

And I'm also grateful for a good, high-energy playlist to keep me moving. Like this one . . . 

Keep moving.
Celebrate gratitude!


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Ooo! That's a fun play list! Lots there to keep you moving! :)

My fingers are crossed that there are no last might treks to the grocers... that always throws a wrench into a well moving plan!

Happy Thanksgiving Prep Day! :)


That's a great playlist! I'm here by myself, singing, getting crescent roll dough ready for the first rise, and doing lots of other prep. I'm not sure I love the flurry of activity, but I do love that I'm getting ready for everyone to be around the table this year. So much gratitude!


What a fabulous (and long!!) play list. Hope your day goes smoothly. I just took the pecan pie out of the oven. so one down and one more to go! Happy prep day.


Such happy, contagious energy! Pies, bars, and a family carrot dish in the works here today. And thanks for the playlist! I've been enjoying the one Mary shared recently--will give this one a listen, too! Here's to a joyful flurry...


I am waiting on the washer repairman and I am GRATEFUL he could fix it today!!!!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving and enjoy all those moments with family.

(I'll be enjoying LAUNDRY and so glad not to have to make a laundromat run!)

kathy b

Thankful 1 for your b1og. Great spotify 1ist. Iv'e got some sides to get busy with. But it is a just for two Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for that I made a speica1 turkey brine and I intend to ce1ebrate with THANKS. My fireman is doing so we11


Excellent playlist! Sending you my wishes for good smells coming out of the kitchen and no necessary trips to the supermarket!


I like that playlist! I got 4 pies done and the gravy. I should probably do either the stuffing or the turnip/carrot dish but I think I might be done for today!


What a great playlist! My sister always hosts Thanksgiving and my job is to make the pies. We will be a small group this year, so I only had two pies to bake, apple & pumpkin.
Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Amen sister, keep moving. Since we are going to my sister's tomorrow, I had an easy prep - rolls today and a pear/greens/walnut/blue cheese salad to put together tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving! It’s exhausting but all so worth it if everyone is happy!


While I didn't have much to do (we went to two parties) your playlist would have fit right into our day. It was a perfect day to kick back, drink, eat, and gab through all the joy around. We are so fortunate to enjoy this great life.

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