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A Week of Gratitude: Tuesday

This week, I bring you a . . . 


It's a busy week for me. I'm hosting a Thanksgiving meal for my family on Thursday, and I'm trying to get prepared for . . . all that. On top of all my usual stuff. And now it seems I have a sick dog to deal with, too. (JoJo, in case you're wondering.)

It's always something, y'know?

Today is Tuesday. And I'm grateful for my centering meditation practice.

I like to sit myself down on my meditation cushion every morning, to start the day with silence or sounds or mantra or music. It helps me feel grounded in the midst of hectic days and a crazy world.  Today I'm sharing a short gratitude practice from Saqib, one of my favorite "guides" from Insight Timer. It's a lovely way to begin or end your day. Click here for the 8 minute practice.


Find your center.
Celebrate gratitude!




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I started meditating several years ago, and at first, it felt like just another thing I was supposed to do. But now, I do it fairly consistently every day, and like you, I look forward to it. It's a necessity when things get really busy (like this week)!


I need/want to get back into this.


Meditation has saved me more than once, it's very important to me. Thanks for linking to a meaningful gratitude meditation. I hope JoJo is okay!


I really look forward to the day when I *can* take the time to start off my day with a little centering meditation. Mornings are so hectic in our house. Maybe I should try it when I'm on vacation?


My meditation time is the most vital part of my day... thank you for sharing a peek into your meditation practice!

And Sherman and I are sending all the get well soon juju for Jojo! XO

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