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I miss my mom most at Thanksgiving.

I thought of her this morning, as I was peeling potatoes. And I got a bit teary; a bit melancholy. (There was an . . . incident . . . involving potato peelings and a not-so-great garbage disposal and Trouble in a Small Kitchen that was very funny back in the mid-90s.) (And we never let her forget it.) You really never know when grief will rear its head.

Today is Thursday. I'm grateful for memories that bring comfort. Even when they also bring tears.

On days like today, I find poetry to be especially comforting. Here's one that suits my state of mind . . . from one of my favorite poets.


What Came to Me
Jane Kenyon

I took the last
dusty piece of china
out of the barrel.
It was your gravy boat,
with a hard, brown 
drop of gravy still
on the porcelain lip.
I grieved for you then
as I never had before.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate.
And a special hug to all of you who may . . . need one today.


Today's poem is from my copy of Jane Kenyon: Collected Poems, pulished in 2005 by Graywolf Press.


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Thank you for that poem Kym. I also miss my mom at Thanksgiving and just realized I never bought the amaryllis bulbs this year. She always brought them to me on Thanksgiving. I am very grateful that we will have our kids and their families with us this year.


My memories are bittersweet also. I'm so grateful to have both boys here this year, but I got a bit teary yesterday, remembering my MiL mashing potatoes (she had quite the arm for it) and my mother washing dishes and leaving remnants of gravy and mashed potatoes so we had to secretly re-wash the dishes. This poem is most fitting


Like you, I always miss my mom the most at Thanksgiving and it's been 24 years. I think of her when I make pies because, no matter what anyone says about me, SHE was the Queen of Pies. I have a very funny story about my mom and my nana and a sizeable turkey neck that I always think of when I'm getting the turkey ready! Some years I smile and some years I cry, but I always remember.


Always the memories at Thanksgiving (and, for me, other holidays). I miss the smells from the kitchen when I was growing up - my Mom cooked so much more than I do (but then there were 6 of us). Whenever I bring out the china and/or the silver I get a bit misty. I do love that poem Kym - it is so right. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Tom!


Holidays are hard sometimes when you are missing someone.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving though.


I was keenly aware yesterday of how appreciative I was to be with all of my family again after our little table of three last year. Even though I had made the traditional family recipes then, they tasted so much better this year when my mother did the cooking and we could eat with each other in person. Sending you hugs, Kym. I hope that you shed some happy tears (from laughter) as well yesterday.


I hope your day went well. I take out my moms chipped cranberry sauce dish each year and have a moment with myself. Loving your posts this week my friend. xo


Memories of the past as never so close as when we're making memories anew. I thought about my mom and her pies throughout the day. We can't help but miss those we love most. XO


I hope you enjoyed yesterday, and have lots of good food to eat again today. XO


I lost my Mom just last week and I'm in the process of planning a Memorial Service for next week. I'm in Wyoming and planning the service to be in Pennsylvania, so it's been even more difficult. She's been on my mind every waking moment since I got that midnight phone call. I suspect I'll always think of her on Thanksgiving, but what a better time! Your post seemed written for me.


I also miss my Mom - often. I remind myself how much we loved each other and for that I am grateful. Jane Kenyon is one of my favorite poets also. Now that I read your post I'm going to pull out my copy of her collected poems. "Let Evening Come . . .


That poem... so perfect! I am sending you a virtual hug today, Kym... be gentle with yourself today!

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