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A Week of Gratitude: Tuesday

A Week of Gratitude: Monday

It's Thanksgiving week here in the US . . . a week traditionally spent cooking, gathering with friends and family, and reflecting on our many blessings. I know this can be a complicated time. Maybe you're missing people around your table this season. Maybe gathering with your family is not so fun. Maybe you struggle with the origin story of Thanksgiving. Maybe you're alone. Maybe you'd like to be. Maybe it's just been a crappy year.  And I get that. Not everyone is celebrating.

But I'll bet . . . a dose of gratitude will help.
(Because it usually does.)

Join me for . . . 


Today is Monday. And I'm thinking about . . . moving my body . . . and how grateful I am that I can!

I mean, my body is old and pretty creaky. It's been through a lot. It doesn't always do what I want it to do anymore. But . . . my goodness. It still works! And that is a wondrous thing.

Today, I'm going to practice gratitude . . . with a gratitude practice. And you can, too. My favorite online yoga teacher, Adriene, put together a lovely yoga practice for gratitude. It's slow and stretchy, perfect for beginners. There is time built into the practice to reflect on things you're grateful for. And it's great way to make a mind-body connection and bringing you into balance for (what might be) a busy week.

Celebrate moving your body.
Practice gratitude!





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My meditation this morning was all about gratitude for waking up to a new day and starting over, and it will be nice to try some yoga this afternoon. Thank you!


I think that yoga practice is the perfect way to launch this week. Thanks


With all the busy-ness of this week and the (current and upcoming) season, it is easy to forget to be grateful. Thanks for this reminder!


Wishing you and Tom a very happy Thanksgiving.


Yes to all of the things that make this week complicated. And yes to a gratitude practice that starts with yoga, too.


Thanks for this week. After a weekend with two much sitting (not by choice), I really need the stretching and breathing, not to mention the mindset of gratitude.


I'm grateful that you introduced me to Yoga with Adrienne almost a year ago. I usually practice with her 4-5 days a week. I can't do all of the poses and I'm not very graceful, but I move and breathe and feel better in my body, mind and spirit. Thank you, Kym!


One thing I am grateful for is YOU. I love your comments on my blog and your own blog. (Everytime I think about dropping the four-day-a-week themed posts, I remember, "Oh, yeah, Kym loves Furry Friday." And you in person are just as kind and inspirational and creative as your blog. Thank you for being in my life!


I love those opening words Kym - I struggle so much with how to present "thankfulness" in these spaces when it's just ... hard. I'm grateful for morning walks and looking forward to some calming yoga, too.


About an hour ago, I joined Adriene in that Gratitude practice. Breathing and gratitude make all the difference in the world.


Every time I take a walk (which is almost daily) I am thankful that I can. I am also extremely grateful for my family, knowing that many are alone and do not have one. In my mind I wish the collective “everyone” something to be thankful for this week.


I am going to queue this up once I have my morning "must do's" done! Thank you!

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