A Week of Gratitude: Thursday
Best Of . . . Thanksgiving Weekend

A Week of Gratitude: Friday

This week I bring you a . . . 


I am generally a big fan of the Friday after Thanksgiving. (And NOT because of the shopping.) I like this day because it tends to be Very Low Key. There is zero pressure to get anything done. I already know what's for dinner (leftovers). And there is generally a feeling of contentment after the celebration of the day before.

And . . . it's also a great day to make stuff!

Today is Friday. I'm grateful for being able to move my hands in creative ways -- and for all those who inspire me.

My plans for the day include . . . a quick re-org/inventory of my refrigerator, a workout (because ohmygod yesterday was a blur of food and I need to work that out of my system a bit), and then, for the rest of the day, some . . . creative something-or-other.

If you're looking for inspiration, here's a quick round-up of 9 little ornament projects from one of my crafty-creative favorites, Ann Wood . . . 

Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 10.43.36 AM

Celebrate your creativity!
Stitch up some gratitude.


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This is my day to put away my Fall decorations and clear the decks for Christmas! I plan to spend the afternoon doing some stitching and knitting. Hope you have a nice weekend!


I feel the same way about the day after Thanksgiving. No shopping, just puttering at home and enjoying leftovers.


Black Friday is a day for having coffee with a friend. Has always been that way. Hopefully, it will ALWAYS be that way.


Starting a dog sweater for our little visitor! Wonderful day for low key living!


I agree - no shopping. Dee and I met up and had a great time as we always do. Relaxing and fun. I enjoyed the ornament link - thanks (love the racoon and the pinecone people!!). Hope you are having a nice day of crafting. I've been sipping some tea and now I think it might just be time for a glass of wine!


Today has been low-key, relaxed, and wonderful! I had pumpkin pie for breakfast, helped Ryan hang some pictures at his house, and I'm thinking about what leftovers I'll be eating for dinner. Fried stuffing is definitely on the menu! I hope the rest of your weekend is filled to the brim with that lovely feeling of contentment and gratitude.


I think we all took it easy today and honestly my sister hosted yesterday so I didn't work all that hard. I only made rolls and a salad. It must have been the feasting and sitting around visiting. I did take a good long brisk walk this afternoon. Thanksgiving weekend is a time for taking a deep breath and enjoying the last of November. Tomorrow I plan to dust well and consider what holiday decor to get out this year.


I wrote in my journal last night that yesterday felt like a lazy Sunday, so it was a treat to realize it was Friday! Yes to the workout and yes to the leftovers for dinner, but no to the crazy shopping (I guess it's a good thing that Chanukah is so early this year -- my shopping is already done!). I hope the rest of the weekend is relaxing, too!


Thank you for this week of posts, Kym. I especially appreciate that FOUR HOUR playlist and the poem from Thursday. I hope you found good things to create on Friday and enjoyed all the food, family, and love before that. (also hope Jojo is feeling better - ugh).

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