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A Real Monster

Okay. So I'm within a couple of rows of being finished with my Shift Cowl . . . 


And . . . meh.

It's turned into a real monster.

I chose three skeins of Spincycle Dyed in the Wool in colors that seemed like they would blend well in a shifty sort of way for this project. And, yeah, there were some surprising color runs in the skeins as I wound the yarn into balls, but I decided to trust the process. I wanted to just let the "magic" of Spincycle yarn - combined with Andrea Mowry's shift recipe - play out. I fought my inclination to manipulate the colors as I knit. I gave myself plenty of "real estate" to let everything just . . . come together. And you know what?

It didn't really come together for me.

And now I'm ending up with . . . a "Franken-cowl!"


It's like I have two cowls in one, here.

There's the rhythmic, gentle shifting, playing-with-darks-and-lights cowl at the start. And then . . . everything shifts into the Other Cowl . . . still rhythmic, sure, but suddenly looking a bit . . . Candy Land? And not really tying in at all to that earlier dark-and-light portion. And that abrupt change is kinda killing me. Or maybe it's the too-large swath of mint green? Because there is lots of of mint green, which didn't look so minty in the skein. (And I am not a fan of mint green.) 


In hindsight, I wish I'd trusted my instincts and manipulated the colors. That abrupt change when I switched out the skeins (according to the pattern directions, but . . . with a shift project, the directions are really just suggestions) didn't work so well for this particular trio of skeins.

I spent most of yesterday considering . . . ripping back to the color change and re-working it. And I probably should have. But I didn't. (Technically, I still could. But I'm ready to move on. Y'know?)

So . . .  I've created a monster.
A real Franken-Cowl.
It will still keep me warm, though.
(Although my eye may twitch when I look at it too long.)


NOTE: There will be another Shift Cowl in my near future. Because I love the design and I love knitting this pattern. And I will try Spincycle Dyed in the Wool again. But . . .  I'll be going in with eyes wide open and and a heavy hand, color-wise for my next one!


How about you?
What are you making this week?


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Well. I don't think it's all that bad but it's definitely not you. When I knit my shift cowl I ended buying a 4th skein of yarn because I just wasn't getting enough contrast with the 3 I originally selected.


Could you over dye it? Just throw it in a dye bath to cover the green?


Oh dear. I'm sorry it's turned out to be a bit of a disappointment (especially considering the price of that yarn!). At least when you're wearing it you won't see that much of it? I hope you can get more of the effect you wanted on the second try.


I can see what you're talking about, especially in the first picture. It's a bit too jarring for me, but you are the Boss of Your Knitting. Franken-Cowl has taught you a lesson (and it will be warm)!


I want very much to get a skein of Spincycle but I don’t know that I would be brave enough to try and blend multiple skeins. I always love the look of these shift projects but didn’t like the reality of the knitting.


I want to do this cowl and I know what you mean, those abrupt shifts. I have to say I think your's looks good--it doesn't seem overly jarring to me.


Maybe not what you were going for, but I think it looks pretty in the photos.


Would just a little more dark at the end of your cowl save it for you? I see what you mean, but I personally like the candy land colors because, well, pink! I'm finishing (this week, I hope) a sweater I have been working on for too long! It should have been done months ago, but this is its month. (Yes, it is.)


I finished a sweater this week! Sleeves are a little long after blocking but we'll see. Got a baby blanket going too. Considering pulling my incomplete nightshift out of the closet which I do not like (it's not finished but I don't like the color scheme...thinikng maybe I could try going with my gut and see how it goes). My s-i-l wore her gorgeous one the other day so semi-inspired again. And I see what you mean with the cowl - but it will keep you warm, you won't see it and folks are going to love it on you!


Re-reading my comment and twitching. It's the nightshift I don't like not the closet! LOL


I love that pattern and knitting it so much! But if you are not happy with it, you probably should make your adjustments - or use it for a gift for someone special.

Helen Mathey-Horn

I don't think it looks that bad, but hey put it in the 'Christmas Knit Gift' pile. There has to be someone you can think of who will love it.


Sometimes yarns just don't knit up the way I envision either. I'm sorry the process didn't work because the pattern is interesting and Spin Cycle yarn is a lovely - maybe just not with mint green.


One solution is to wear it, and then see who really loves it - and then give it to them. Maybe on the spot, maybe later as a present. (I just realized I am working hard to avoid my pet peeve, using gift as a verb in these sentences.)

I've only used Spincycle yarns with a solid, and been mostly pleased. I'm wearing my Stonecrop sweater right now - some parts didn't contrast ENOUGH with my solid, but ultimately I'm pleased.


My initial thought was that you won't really see it much when you're wearing it! But I love Pam's idea!!


well that's a darn it, Kym - I'm sorry! and it's funny (sad, not haha), but I don't know anyone who's trusted the yarn and the pattern and just knitted it as written and been DELIGHTED with the outcome. ugh.

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