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Flexibility . . . is good. I write to you today NOT from our cabin in the woods up north, but from home. Sometimes plans change, even when you're on the verge of packing up to head out. We still need to go. It's just not gonna be this week.


How about a quick update on what I'm making and how things are going instead?

First, I finished the dress I was sewing for Erin to wear in a Halloween wedding. You'll have to be satisfied with a back-view shot of me doing a try-on of the dress OVER my sweatpants. Because that's what I've got . . . 


It turned out to be One Of Those Projects that took a lot longer than I expected/wanted it to take. Fussy fabric. Fully lined. Circle skirt. (Actually TWO circle skirts. Because fully lined.) Invisible zipper. And I was working from measurements, but didn't have the actual wear-er (that would be Erin) around for fittings. The dress turned out nicely, in the end. And it arrived safely in California yesterday.  (So check that one off my list.)

Next, I'm nearing the end on my test knit for this sweater . . .


Just a bit more to knit on the back. And then the "sleeve" edgings. It won't take me long. (The pattern release is scheduled for November 5. I've got plenty of time.) It's a very nice little sweater, and I'm eager to have it in my clothing-rotation for the cooler months. I'm also eager to have it finished, so I can move on to something else. What? I haven't decided yet. But probably this. (Although I'm also smitten with this.) (And I want to knit this, too.) (So . . . who knows.)

Finally, remember my adorable pumpkin kit? I stuck it back in it's drawer yesterday . . . 

IMG_6515 2

Giving up for another year. BUT. I am following a comment-suggestion from Valerie, and I've set up a reminder on my phone to dig it out next July and start working on it earlier. (Brilliant, non?)

How about YOU?
What are you making this week?





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Lovely dress! But can you say Circle Skirt Hell... x2? Yikes.

I think that advice for setting a reminder is brilliant! (and I am hoping that sweater knitting month brings my sweater knitting. mojo back to me!)


That is a lovely (if fussy) dress, especially over your sweatpants! I do like that sweater, and might even consider it if my current thinking-about-a-sweater project goes well. (Imagine me knitting sweaters!) That pumpkin will be the perfect small project in July. Way to be flexible!


I'm glad the dress arrived safely in California - but did it fit?? That test knit sweater is really lovely and I think working on the pumpkin next summer is a terrific idea.


I agree with Bonny - pull out those pumpkins next summer. I have been looking at dress patterns, something simple that will go with my growing sweater collection. And I have a few sweaters on the needles, hoping to get some things finished before November arrives.


I like that dress. Looks like it has a very nice fit and the color is perfectly autumnal.

Me? Socks. Two pair are Autumn/Halloween and one just a basic stockinette sock for when the brain just won't function.


I just finished knitting The Shift. It’s a fussy start, but then you get into a rhythm and it’s fun to see the color changes. We’ll be up north at the lake this weekend taking care of all those end of the season tasks that you mentioned yesterday. They are always my least favorite chores because they signal the end of a beautiful part of the year.


The dress looks like a good dress for a Halloween wedding as the color and shape look interesting and intriguing! I am finishing a summer sweater (of course) but want to knit something warm to wear now. Who knows if that will happen. October is for mystery, non?

kim in oregon

I do love a circle skirt, not sure about two.

I hope you'll share some reactions to the Halloween Wedding. There's one happening at the Community Center where I volunteer and the couple is getting married in front of a guillotine (sp?) and everyone has to wear a costume. The bride is dressing as the Bride of Frankenstein. Not quite my cup of tea.


I admire you for not only making a fussy project but for doing it without being able to fit it on the intended wearer!

Can't say I'm surprised that you decided not to do the pumpkin this year, but I hope the reminder to work on it in July works out!


I'm in awe of that dress ... wow!! even from the back over sweats I can tell it's perfect! and I vote for the colored throw for your next project. Of course the other two are favorites of mine, too, but that throw just seems so YOU!


That dress is lovely! Did it fit? I think it is so challenging to make something for someone who is not there to try it on.
I started knitting The Shift a few days ago, I wasn't sure about the pattern at first and ripped it out after the first five rows. Once I figured out what I was doing I found it easy to get into the rhythm of the pattern and color changes. Hopefully I will finish it for a Christmas gift for my niece.


Oh my! Your "contemplating" knits all look lovely. I cannot pick a favorite. But that dress? Awesome - so pretty (even over sweatpants!!). I hope Erin will shar pics of her wearing it.


Those are three very different and also wonderful potential projects. I am trying not to fall for the blanket myself -- I do love felted tweed. I hope Erin has fun at the Halloween wedding. AND I hope we get a modeled shot of her in the completed dress. We went to one a few years ago (in costume) as McGonagall and Dumbledore. It was a fun evening. They're still married. They love their anniversary. So a success.


I bought that Pacific Coast pattern yesterday! Also considering that color though I’ve got some nice orange yarn stashed somewhere that may work. That dress is stunning Kym! I’m sure Arron will rock it.


I can't wait to see those pumpkins... next year!!

I hope we'll get to see a picture of Erin wearing that dress!

The Shift is on my list! So is some sort of MDK Color Explosion thing!!


Wouldn't that throw be lovely on a winter evening. That dress is beautiful. I am in awe that you could make it from measurements without the wearer present. Have a good weekend.

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