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What Are the Chances

. . . that I can turn THIS little pile of wool scraps . . . 


into THIS charming little Halloween item????


I picked this kit up in a moment of weakness at my one-and-only Rhinebeck experience back in 2015 (Hi, Patty!). Each fall since, I pull the kit out of my "craft closet" sometime in September . . . and I carefully read through the instructions and take inventory of my materials . . . and decide THIS IS THE YEAR.  And then I (humbly) put it back in it the closet after Halloween. Unstarted. Again. 


What are the chances, d'you think, that THIS IS THE YEAR? 
(Keeping in mind that I have that test knit to finish before the end of the month. AND that I'm sewing Erin a dress to wear in a wedding later this month, too.

Can I?
Or . . . 

(And does this happen to anyone else? Or is it just me???)





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kim in oregon

I had to look up exactly what it was! And I say yes!
I've been doing a secret project for my husband's birthday using wool felt. It's an applique Christmas stocking (well, it's two, so it's a pair). I finished his stocking pretty quickly and it is a very satisfying to do applique (imho).
But you do have a lot on your plate, with two big deadlines. So I don't know what to tell you!


It definitely happens to me!! It's such a cute kit... and likely, once you get started, you won't be able to stop! So maybe get your "have-to-dos" done first!


What a fun kit! do have a lot on your plate right now. Like Vicki says - get the "have tos" done first, then relax with a fun kit!


Ha, your post immediately made me thing of the spindle project that has been in progress since MDSW in 2015! Every year I pull it out, work on it a little, and think "This will be the year I finish!" And so far, it hasn't been the year. So maybe for your project, it might be, but I suspect no one will judge you if it goes back into the closet.


It might hit the mark for times when you don't want to knit but want to keep your hands busy. It's very cute and think how good you will feel about actually creating it!


All the Time! I still have the cut out characters for a felted Nativity scene for my then 3-year-old daughter — who herself now has a 3- year-old. Don’t think it’s going to ever happen. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same for you. (sorry!).


You are not the only one. You might get to it. But I'd suggest pulling it out next year around the 4th of July and work on it while it's 90+ degrees outside....that way you can think of cooler days ahead.

October is always a busy month around here....there's a loved one's birthday and the wind up to the other holidays....


Hmmmm...I'm not banking on anything going smoothly in 2021! And time spent relaxing outside 'round 5:00 with Tom and no added pressure is wayyyy more fun! xo


Maybe? It's marinated since 2015, and with the test knit and sewing a dress for Erin, I know it would be going back in my craft closet for another year!


Ah- yes. I have an embroidery project and all the materials for a cross-stitch project that I sometimes get out and look at and them put right back in the bag. This could be your year though. It sure is a cute October themed project. The fact that it is a kit might give you a boost.


Happens to me ALL.THE.TIME!

It is an awfully cute project.


I have a Christmas cross stitch kit...just a little thing...but it has sat in a tote for years now. I look at it and think that it's so small it won't take long and then I look at all the different colors of thread and put it back in the tote! I'm right there with you!

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