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Looking for Fall

Sometimes Mondays

. . . feel kinda weird.


According to the calendar, fall has arrived. But it hasn't really felt much like . . . fall . . . in my corner of the world. Not yet. Oh, sure. There have been a few days where there's been a little nip in the air. And the sun is certainly rising later/setting earlier than it was a month or two ago. 

But the leaves are still not turning.
And there hasn't been even the lightest hint of a frost.

And that's really weird.

In fact, we are on track here . . . for the latest "first frost" ever. The weather-folk are pushing that date for my area into early-mid November. (Usually it would have happened by now.) And we're having the latest "peak color" in decades (maybe ever) throughout the state.

I guess that explains why . . . I'm still wearing shorts and flip-flops (sometimes with sweatshirts, but still). And I haven't brought out my warm clothes yet. And I only just this weekend pulled out my pumpkin collection to decorate inside my house. I'm still working in my garden and watering containers that would normally be in the compost heap by now.

Very weird.
But I guess I still have plenty of time to plant my fall bulbs!

(How about you? Has fall arrived in your neck of the woods?)


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Same here, we're headed for the latest first frost and the leaves are still green. When we drove down to MD yesterday, only about 10% of the leaves had begun to change and the rest were green, except for the ones that had turned brown and started to drop. That surprised me because we certainly had plenty of rain. My grape hyacinths are quite confused. They've grown lots of new foliage and the ones in MD are even showing signs of blooms. And the damn lawn isn't showing any sign of slowing growth. I may be mowing in November!


Still pretty green around here, but a nip in the air this a.m. (45 degrees). Very little color here, just spots now and again. Weird for sure! Fletch is planning to plant our garlic today though!!


No, it has not! (although there was a chill in the air this morning!) I am hoping for a bug killing frost SOON!! Please? lol

And I am still watering too... it is just so weird!


Here on the Front Range it's been all over the map, low 60's to mid 80's, frost, dusting of snow and the WIND, it's weights on the ankles for walks! The good news , is that the heat has only had to run for a total of maybe 3 hours this October thus far, with the cost of heating sky rocking, I'll take this 'all over the map' Fall, but then again, this is normal for Colorado.


The trees out my office window are just starting to turn.

Most of my garden chores are done. The black-eyed Susans and echinacea are still hanging on, but everything else has been cut back in preparation for colder weather.


It's turned decidedly fall-like here the last few days but it's been unseasonably warm up until now. And I think, looking at the forecast, that it's still going to be warm-ish later this week. Dale is itching to put away the deck furniture and remove my container gardens to make room for firewood but I'm not allowing it just yet. Normally we would have had a fire in the wood stove by now but instead we are still running the AC some nights!


IT has been fantastic, sunny and warm. I especia11y need this kiind of weather thisyear. We sti11 have cosmos b1ooming. tHe porch has been a haven at night with a sma11 heater going. I knit on


Some of our trees have changed color and we've done a bit of raking here & there, but we're also still harvesting green beans -- lots of 'em! I thought our first frost might be coming up later this week, but the forecast has changed.


Same here in Illinois, although the past two days have felt like fall with low temps in the 40s and up to the low 60s during the afternoon. The trees are still mostly green and we haven't had a frost yet, in fact my zinnias are still blooming, but looking pretty ragged!


Cooler in the mornings here. One night the temp dipped to 39 but two warm days. The tomatoes and zinnias are hanging on. The trees are turning. They aren't the most gorgeous of fall colors but better than some years.

Gale Zucker

Same! I'm loving it. Latest swim season ever -at this point with head coverage and shirts but still it's pretty pleasant.


I don't want to jinx anything, but I think we may have turned the corner into fall this week. It was 39F when I turned on the news this morning, and I've pushed my morning walk back just a little so the sun can warm things up a bit. But the majority of the leaves out there are still green, so I'd say we have a while yet until peak color and who knows when we'll get our first frost.


Your weather has been stranger than ours. We're having a cold October but many beautiful days between the frosty and cloudy, rainy (snow on the peaks) and dreary days. We lost the garden weeks ago and people have been cleaning out the blacked and dried up leaves. We still have color on almost all the trees and it is beautiful. I am thankful for our blue sky today and Mylo and I can get in a long walk without too many layers. Enjoy the season as long as it lasts, even though it is a strange gift.


I think we have more fall here than you do! I put my shorts away last week. I haven't pulled out the cooler weather sweaters yet, but that's coming soon.


Full on freezing fall here! Though today is supposed to be glorious so we’ll soak up all that warm sunshine while we can. xo

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