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Shifting Into Something New

I finished my test knitting project over the weekend. I have to wait to show it to you, though, until Elizabeth officially launches her new design (I think late next week). For now, just know that I'm very happy with the outcome, and can't wait to put this new cardigan into my regular "closet rotation."

Finishing that project means . . . I have the knitting capacity for something new.


Those little yarn balls lined up on my lap are  . . . it. I'll be "raveling" them into one of Andrea Mowry's shifty projects . . . The Shift cowl. I've already been bitten by the shifty-bug, having knit both a Night Shift shawl and a Shiftalong hat before. I decided it's time now for the cowl!

This time, I'm trying it in Andrea's shifty-favorite yarn, Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool. (I really wanted to see what all the fuss is about.) I'll tell you, that yarn IS shifty! Because those balls all rolled up there in that photo? Well. There are some Big Surprises hiding inside . . . under those wound layers! It may LOOK like it's going to be a bit "Valentine-y," color-wise, here at the start, but I'm thinking it won't be once I get going. (Stay tuned.)


I love Andrea's shifty designs. They are endlessly entertaining to knit . . . and really hard to put down once you get in the shifty-groove!

How about YOU? What are you working on this week?


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I'm looking forward to seeing this project take shape -- it's such fun to watch the colors shift and change!

I've been taking a brief break from my Shifty to work on a new design sample and start a pair of socks for my brother.


I'm excited for the pattern release of your test knit, and I also think it's going to be pretty exciting watching your adventure with those shifty Spincycle yarns! I'm working on sleeves and quite enjoying it.


One of these days I want to try that yarn too. Enjoy the shifting


Now I am dying to know how that yarn is going to play out!!!

The colors are awesome so far!


Those yarns look like great fun! Can't wait to see how your cowl turns out.


Beautiful yarn - will be fun to see how it plays out. I have not yet caught the Shifty bug...but I am sorely tempted. Just too busy right now. Can't wait to see your secret knit too!!


I can't wait to see the Spincycle work its magic ... and I do think the rhythm of those big and little blips is pretty perfect. I might actually finish my pullover in the next week or so and I'm going to have to cast on TWO projects to make up for it!


What fun! Every spinner on earth desires to recreate that spincycle magic!

That cowl... it looks incredibly wearable! :)


I look forward to seeing how the yarns knit up in the shifty cowl. And if the cowl looks Valentine-y, why then you are ahead of cowls for special holidays. I'm working on a cowl from handspun, a Fractal Danger, and a pair of scrappy socks. Seems like three to four projects is the sweet spot for me.


I guess I live in a Valentine world. Pink is one of my favorite colors. As the French say, pink is “normale.” Valentine does even enter into it. So, therefore, can’t Wait till we see this beauty. (Working on unfinished WiPs at the moment. None of them pink.). Chloe


I've had that pattern for a while... SOON!! Currently, I'm crocheting an edge around a blanket. :)


Chores that take four hands… oh my! This time of year there are so many of them. Today may include splitting and stacking firewood, removing the logging try from the tractor, and dismantling and storing porch furniture.

Why is it that the water tastes of sulfur in the fall. Ours does that sometimes.

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