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ROOT: Gathering In the Harvest


"What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action."
                    --- Mesiter Eckhart


My one-little-word thoughts have been taking me in a . . . harvest-y kind of direction this past month. I've learned many things over the past 10 months, playing around with the word root. Now that we're nearing the end of the year, I'm thinking about how I might gather up the thoughts, inspiration, and "learnings" I've experienced. 

Hmmm. . .
How to store and preserve what I've gleaned?
I'm thinking I need a . . . 


(Get it? A ROOT cellar.)
(I crack myself up sometimes.)

After all, a root cellar is just a cool and dry storage location for all that you've grown and gathered, helping you maintain a level of freshness and accessibility for your harvest through the cold and dark months ahead.

So . . . I'm creating a metaphorical root cellar for myself . . . to store away all of the things I want to preserve and remember in the future. Things I want to keep close at hand - safe and dry and cool - and ready to use whenever I feel the need.

What's going in my root cellar?

  • Root Vegetables . . . those lessons grown deep underground that I've harvested over the past year, providing me with sustenance for the days ahead.
  • Jars of Preserves . . . the bounty of past "learnings," preserved and ready to carry me forward to enjoy in future days.
  • Dried Herbs . . . ideas from the past year that can continue seasoning the new "dishes" I plan to try in the days ahead.
  • Flower Seeds and Bulbs . . .  inspiration that I can plant and grow to encourage colorful new blooms in my garden next season.
  • Bottles of Wine and Home Brew . . . to celebrate the harvest and a successful season, of course!

I've got some work to do!


If you've had a word in your life this year, how do you plan to "preserve" your experience?



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Brava!! Gosh, I wish you could see me giving you a standing ovation! This is EXACTLY what your word needed this month... and how appropriate that you were so brilliantly able to draw the parallels between your life and your word. Well done!

Me? I am going to release reams of junk into the world in the coming days and I am going to take pride in the fact that the things that once controlled me are now controlled by me. Hardest word ever, but gosh it was the best thing to do!


This is perfect and I love it! I think I'm preserving by creating journal pages. Getting my thoughts down on paper is really helping me understand how creativity can be limited and also how it can flourish.


I've thought about root cellars many months when I've read your post. I'm lucky enough to have one in our house in NJ. When we first moved in, I tried to keep potatoes and apples in it, layered in straw. I thought everything was fine until I found a nest of baby mice in the straw while gathering some potatoes for dinner. I know your metaphorical root cellar will be cool, dry, well-organized, and free of mice. You've created a wonderful metaphor!


As always Kym, I love how you are pursuing this word. Thanks


The way you think about all that you've learned with OLW over the years and how you are bringing it all together into one place, preserving it for future use in this "root cellar". I love this imagery! The quote says it so perfectly (and you find the best quotes!). You seem to already have a buildings worth, a home, for all that you've learned about yourself. You'll be adding rooms for the rest of your life. Lovely.


What a word-perfect way to say it all, Kym!
Gosh, I haven't thought about any creative way to preserve my experience...other than my usual wrap-up. I've found that I usually take one or two gold nuggets away from a year, and they just become part of me. Of how I do my days. While loads goes into the year, there's a crux to it that crystallizes.
I'm looking forward to hearing how all these get 'put up'--if you share--as the year closes out!


You win the award for best extended metaphor this year! I love how you've extended root in this way -- and really your perspective is one that we can all take on, no matter our word. I think the whole point of having a word for the year is to take what it teaches us and apply those lessons to our lives going forward.


oh Kym, I love a good metaphor and this one is SO SO GOOD! What a joyful harvest you'll be celebrating!

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