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Revving Up . . . for October

October is here!  A month full of beautiful fall landscapes (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), pumpkin spice everything, and tempting miniature candy bars. Seriously, October is one of my favorite months of the year.

So let's get our October engines revving, shall we?


On the first Monday of the month, I share random things that have caught my eye. Interesting articles, little factoids, and inspiring this-and-that, for the most part. Things that might help get your day started in a revved-up kind of way.


Let's start things off with a quote . . . 

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."
            --- W.B. Yeats

Every week, I find a quote that suits my mood and I write it in my (old school) planner . . . right at the top where I am reminded of it each day. This week, I want to acknowledge the change-of-seasons magic I'm seeing all around me. I want to tune my senses into the sights, the smells, the sounds, and all the feels of fall. (And maybe I'll even grab a PSL . . . so I can enjoy the taste, too!)



Let's move on to some . . . book talk. If you're a Reader, you probably love this time of year. Fall is always reserved for the biggest book releases of the season (lining up with most of the major literary award deadlines AND the holiday gift-giving season) -- but this year, there are EVEN MORE big book releases than usual. Why? Oh, because of the pandemic, of course. (What hasn't it impacted, huh?)

Anyway. Lots of books! Lots of really GOOD books.
But how to decide which books to read first?

Well. Literary Hub has put together a little flowchart to help you decide!

Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 3.18.39 PM

(And . . . stay tuned for the latest Read With Us book announcement coming tomorrow.)
(HINT: It's a book on the flowchart.)


Next, I've got a little-bit-factoid, little-bit-try-this. Last month, I read a horrifying little article in the New York Times about The Cotton Tote Crisis. As in . . . how did an environmental solution (reusable cotton tote bags) become part of the problem?


Cotton tote bags (like the three I have hanging on the back of my bathroom/dressing room door here) have created an entirely new environmental problem. It turns out that ONE organic cotton tote . . . needs to be used 20,000 times to offset its overall impact of production. That's DAILY use for 54 years!!! (And I have 3 bags just right there on that one door handle, and that translates to daily use for 162 years.) (Yikes.) What's the deal, you ask? Well. Cotton . . . is very water intensive to process. And there are, of course, the forced labor issues. And . . . you can't recycle or compost most textiles, including organic cotton.

What to do? Here's an article with a few simple suggestions for what to do with your resusable tote collection. My strategy from here on out? Not to grab any new bags (because apparently I have enough to last for several lifetimes as it is).


In the Express Yourself Department . . . did you know that there is a World Emoji Day?  (I totally missed it, but apparently it's celebrated on July 17 each year.)

Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 8.08.03 PM

Anyway, Adobe Products released their 2021 Global Emoji Trend Report on World Emoji Day back in July with some (not so surprising) results: People like using emojis to express their feelings and show empathy in a world of digital communication. You can read the results here. And you can see all the new emojis coming out sometime in 2021/2022 here. (My favorite is the melting face emoji. . . )


Are you looking for something pumpkin-y to make this fall? (And I'm not talking food.)


Here are three fiber-y ideas for you:

Here's a sweet little pumpkin pincushion to make (which would also look very cute and festive without any pins) (just sayin) from Doodle & Stitch. It's a simple design - you don't need pattern pieces - and the directions are included in the post. You just need felt and some stuffing! (Stitching can be done on a sewing machine or by hand.)

If you feel like knitting up some pumpkins, there are tons of patterns on Ravelry. I've made this one before (BONUS! It's a freebie!). If you're looking for something a little more . . . complete . . . this one is is adorable -- and you could create an entire pumpkin patch (not free). And I love the shape of this pumpkin pattern - available with a knit AND a crochet option (another freebie!).

Or maybe you want to try your hand at sculpted needle felting? Pumpkins (like the ones I made, above) are a great place to start! You can nab a kit (with everything you need to make more than 3 pumpkins, including detailed instructions and access to a video tutorial) from Felted Sky.


And with that, we're OFF!
Here's to a great week for all of us.

Happy October, everyone.




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So many good things here! I'm not sure I've never seen books presented as a flow chart, but I like that one. The cotton tote thing is a bit upsetting. I have three or four of the really heavy ones in the back of my car and at least two of the regular ones in each house. Why didn't somebody figure this out earlier? I have more than enough for several lifetimes, so I will be sure to will them to my kids!


This kind of reminds me of the thing I read/saw on TV a few weeks ago where for every hot dog you eat you can subtract 38 minutes from your life. b-u-t in the same article/TV newsflash you can ADD 43 minutes every time you consume a serving of asparagus/broccoli/other green vegetable. So, presumably you can even out. All these isolated statistics - maybe - can get distorted because they don’t take into account other factors. I do believe though we are far too consumeristic a society and need to get a grip on ourselves. Me included. (LOVE Michigan fall foliage. Never too much of that.)


YAY OCTOBER!! The only think I hate about it is that usually, sometime during the month, I have to start wearing shoes & socks. haha.


Shared the book flow chart with my two sisters. And here's another pumpkin idea (no sew)...


Oooh, I see a lot of books I'd like to read (and several I have on hold at the library) in that flow chart, so now I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear what the next Read With Us pick will be!

I will skip the PSLs (not for me), but I'm happy to partake of all the pumpkin baked goods. I picked up a pumpkin bread mix at Trader Joe's yesterday and am enjoying a slice with my lunch today. It's not as good as my mom's recipe, but it was certainly much faster to make and only made one loaf.


I was just thinking yesterday that October might be right after June when it comes to my favorite months. I have SO many tote bags and I read that article, too. Whoops. I love the book flow chart, there are some great titles on there. And I really really wish I could make a pumpkin.


Is it Beautiful World Where Are You??? (I'm betting not, but still - I loved how they presented it on the flowchart). and only that last photo could actually make me click a link to check out needle-felting. You're such an enabler ;-) (I'm pretty sure the winky-face is my most-used emoji!)


October is my favorite month of all. I am not a fan of Pumpkin Spice Latte's but bring on the pumpkin muffins, bread, and chili. The cotton tote bag thing is interesting and a little disheartening. At any rate, I'm glad autumn has arrived.

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