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Not All Fun and Games

I woke up with a different view this morning . . . 


But before you get all envious of my time up north, please bear in mind these three* things:

ONE: We have no furnace and it's cold up here. We do have a trusty little propane heater. It is either ON or OFF, which means we are either HOT or COLD. (It beats ALL cold ALL the time. But it's not ideal for the long term.)


TWO: We're here to work. Although Tom is out on the river fishing right now, and god knows I've spent WAY too much time knitting on that highly addictive cowl this morning . . . there is much real work that needs to be done to get ready to shut this place down for the winter. Today I'll be busy juggling bedding and emptying cupboards and the refrigerator and taking inventory and helping Tom with jobs that take four hands. (Yippee.)

THREE: The water smells really bad. Although we have a well, we use a water cooler for our drinking/cooking water up here because the water is . . . full of iron and not terribly palatable. In the fall, though??? It smells like sulphur! Showers or otherwise washing up . . . not appealing right now.

I'm not complaining.
(Well. Except maybe about the water.)
It's a real treat to have a change of scenery for a couple of days.
I just want you to know that it's . . . not all fun and games up here!


* There is no "official" Three on Thursday fun today as Carole is in the midst of an unplanned Blogus Interuptus, but I decided to play along anyway. Y'know. In the spirit of things.


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That sure is a pretty view and I bet it is lovely knitting in front of the heater. BUT...I do know that a vacation home takes a lot of work and sulphur smelling water - definitely NOT my thing. You could pretend you are at Yellowstone though - that sulphur smell is everywhere there - LOL Enjoy your away time and keep the wool in your lap to warm you:)


When my parents moved our family to Clearwater, Florida in the early '70s, everyone used well water to water lawns and gardens. The smell made us all gag. As with everything else, we got used to it. Thank goodness we had city water for bathing and other uses!

Need to get back to my shift cowl (also using spincycle yarns) but need to finish the sweaters first. Doing all four sleeves at one time so I don't have second (and third, and fourth) sleeve syndrome!


Another season come and gone.

When we lived in Orlando our irrigation water had a strong Sulphur smell. I can't imagine ever drinking it.


The water on our farm when I was a kid in southern MN had iron in it; we had one faucet at the kitchen sink that had the water straight from the well. All the other faucets got water that had been through the softener. The water here at the WI house has iron, too, and the taste takes me back to childhood. But the doing laundry in unsoftened water totally sucks; I have lost light-colored things to iron stains. So all our water goes through the softener.


I get how second houses (even vacation homes) are lots of work! I do have heat and decent running water in MD so I can't complain. Here's hoping your jobs go quickly and easily, you can get something decent to drink, and you're not too hot or cold too much of the time. Think how much you'll appreciate a good warm, non-sulfury shower back home!


The first time we visited my husband’s family in Michigan, that sulfur smell in the shower just about put me out. I was 3 months pregnant, it was summer (hot and humid) and I thought I was having morning sickness - ugh. Hope the work goes well and that you are ready to head how soon.


Ahhh, well water! It is something that either you love or you hate. I *think* I love Michigan water, but never remember it having a sulfur smell... which might make me love it a lot less!

Good luck with your work... sigh, that is just never fun. (Stay WARM!)


Sulfur-smelling water takes me back to summer camp. The oldest campers lived a little distance off from the rest of the camp and were on a separate water system, and that water smelled TERRIBLE. I adjusted to showering it in, but brushing your teeth with water that smelled like rotten eggs? Blech!

I hope you're able to make quick work of the tidying up and can stay warm enough while you do it!


I hope your work goes quickly & smoothly!

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