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Not really a "weekending" post here, but . . . not exactly a "random" post either . . . 
It's more . . .  a look at some highlights of my really typical, pretty ordinary, low-key and not terribly blog-worthy kind of weekend.

Here's what made my "Best Of" list this weekend:

First, we had Brian and Lauren's dog, Ferda, with us this weekend while they celebrated their 7th 6th anniversary in style. (I know. Can you believe it's been 7 6 years???) (Edited to add: Oops. I got a year ahead of myself. Although that makes me feel slightly better about the speed of time, I'm still floored it's already been SIX years.) Anyway. Ferda is a sweet pup. Very high energy. Very curious. And so much fun! Usually, she spends her time with us trying to get JoJo to play - and JoJo does play, but JoJo is 8 and she tires quickly. Ferda mostly ignores Jenny because Jenny (who certainly ignores Ferda) is old and crotchety and, well, not much fun anymore. But sometimes . . . Jenny allows Ferda to be near her. And that's always a highlight.


And . . . Saturday was a glorious day for gardening, so I spent some time repotting a few of my indoor plants. And bringing in all my little garden "tchotchkes" for the season. And doing a bit of fall garden clean-up. And . . . weeding, of course. (No bulb-planting yet, though.) (Maybe soon. ) (Or maybe I'll just force the bulbs inside???) Anyway, it's always a highlight when I can get in a good gardening session this late in October!


And . . .  I got to do some "virtual shopping" with Erin. She took me along (via her phone) as she chose shoes to go with her dress for the Halloween wedding she'll be in this weekend. It's always good fun to shop with Erin, even if not in person. (We shopped for the pattern and fabric for her dress the same way.) The wedding is in Ohio (she'll be so close, but the timing just doesn't work for us to get together), where she'll be a bridesmaid for her college roommate -- who has always adored Halloween. Costumes are required, although Erin and Keith have decided to limit their costume to "fancy masks" because it's too hard to travel with more elaborate costumes. I think it'll be a VERY fun wedding. And . . . seeing the dress on Erin - and seeing that it fit! - was a definite highlight. (Sorry. No shoes in this shot, although they were procured.)


And . . . I discovered a new favorite taco recipe. (I'll link here, although I'm not sure it will work for you. If it does? You're in for a treat.) I have discovered that the New York Times Cooking app is my favorite recipe source these days. The app works great for organizing and keeping track of all the recipes I've "Saved to Recipe Box" from the NYT. Great recipes, helpful advice, and often there are video tips for the tricky bits. Anyway. This particular recipe is for Slow Cooker Chipotle-Honey Chicken Tacos and it is a WINNER (and no tricky bits). Especially served with pickled onions -- which are a new favorite condiment. (And I love condiments.) Great new recipe? Always a highlight!


And there you have it: dog sitting, garden chores, virtual shoe shopping, and pickled onions.
The best of my weekend!

(How was yours?)



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It sounds like a nice weekend! I'm not quite sure how Brian and Lauren have been married for seven years, but it's nice that you had a visit with your granddog. That is a fun way to shop with Erin, and she looks great in that beautiful dress. My weekend was full of travel and traffic, but I'm counting down the trips!


I wish I could take my granddogs for a weekend! I love them all so much! (I would take the grandcats as well, but Steve is highly allergic to them... boo!)

I did some spinning, and a bit of year end list making! All in all... very good things!


Erin's dress is beautiful and looks so good on her! I bet they have a great time at the wedding. My weekend was good - a haircut!!! Finally!!!! Hooking up with Dee and playing with Mabel. A satisfying time.


We had a pretty windy weekend so lots of indoor time here but it was good too.


Smith also spent most of his weekend in the garden (between rain storms). It is so beautiful this time of year as the leaves are starting to change and the mountains are capped with snow. Erin's dress looks great and looks totally appropriate for a Halloween wedding. The color is spot on for this time of year. Nice work! Even with your daughter across the country it's nice to hear you can shop together because of technology.


SEVEN YEARS??? Wow, and HOW? (and Happy Anniversary to Brian & Lauren!!)

Erin's dress looks great and I love her mask!


What a great wedding theme, Erin looks beautiful in her wedding attire! Weather here has felt like the moodiness of an adolescent, not sure what the next hour will bring, but the colors are beautiful.


I'd add Erin's fabulous hair to that list!
So, Lincoln's favorite sandwich: Havarti with pickled onions. LOTS of pickled onions. And I love one with a hardboiled egg.
I just might try those tacos tonight, as I needed a slow cooker Monday meal! Have a good week :)


I had the grandkid, you had the grandpup! I love the photo of Erin and thanks for the taco recipe!


Erin and her dress are lovely! I’ll bet the wedding will be a blast. We went to Burlington VT and it was a great couple of days. We’re going to have the grand dog here for three weeks around Thanksgiving. I think Boone will be midway between Jenny and Jo Jo! May have to try those tacos when Dan arrives. Happy Anniversary to Brian and Lauren. :-)

kim in oregon

Nothing to complain about there! The dress looks great!


It sounds like a very enjoyable and productive weekend!! Every year I say I am going to plant tulip bulbs....maybe this will be the year! I love the dress and your daughter's hair!!!


I'd say that's a great weekend! well, the highlights reel anyway ;-) How cool to have three dogs (for the weekend) and see Erin in her dress (that fits beautifully!) ... still on the fence about the NYT cooking app, but you and Vicki might be convincing me. Anne Bogel shared winter recipes on her blog today and the comment thread is pretty good


Erin and that dress are beautiful. What a fun idea to FaceTime while shopping. After waiting for an hour at Walgreen's we were able to get our Covid boosters (Saturday.) We had minimal side effects but it rained on and off all day Sunday so I decided to call it a mental health day, wrap up in a quilt to read, drink a latte, and knit. So although I didn't get much done, it was a nice weekend.


That sounds pretty mear perfect in my book.

P.S. I love your print sofa.


Hey, at least you were only a year off -- my mother-in-law wished us a happy 19th anniversary last month, except we've only been married 14 years! ;-) I'm glad to see the dress fit perfectly and to hear that shoe shopping was successful. I couldn't see the taco recipe, but now I'm craving pickled onions. I had an amazing salad when I was away at Rhinebeck that had pickled onions on it, and I've never thought to make my own for some reason. Thanks for inspiring me!


I want to make those pickled onions RIGHT NOW! The onions in my mom's homemade bread and butter pickles were always my favorite, which is something I had forgotten. Pickled onions in my future!

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