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Asking the World for What You Want

This has been one of those . . . full . . . weeks for me. Lots of things on my calendar. Long appointments. Fun stuff. Not-so-fun stuff. Life. And a lot of it this week!

So I'm especially ready for a slow weekend kind of weekend. 
I guess you could say . . . I want to manifest ease and peace.

Which is why I was just tickled yesterday when I saw a woman manifesting EXACTLY the life she wants from the universe on Instagram. She, too, is looking for "ease and peace" . . . but she's being VERY much more direct. (It's a very short little "reel." Here's the link, and if you have an Instagram account you might enjoy watching it as much as I did.)



So, following her example . . . I'm manifesting the kind of weekend I want.
A NO THINGS kind of weekend.


Have a good one -- whatever kind you want.
See you Monday.



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That's an affirmation I can definitely affirm! I'm kind of manifesting the same thing today as it's my last day by myself before I have to drive to the airport to collect John & Justin at 1:00 am. So I'm knitting in my pajamas and planning where I want to get my Sicilian pizza from. I hope you have a good no things weekend!


I am DOING THE THINGS today. Thankfully, they are all the fun things.

Wishing you a NO THINGS weekend!


Now that's an affirmation I can get behind! Enjoy your weekend of doing no things.


Yeah. I’m with you there.. and for some Murphy’s Law reason, the one appointment you always wanted finally shows up — on the one day you needed to do NO THING. Hope your weekend is not like that and is truly peaceful.


No things? Sounds good to me! Unfortunately I have Things to Do. But there will be relaxation time as well. Enjoy your weekend of doing no things!


I sure hope those affirmations manifested NO THINGS for you, too! I enjoyed a glorious Saturday with nothing on the calendar ... NoThing at its finest :-)

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