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This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question is about . . . arts and crafts.

If you were unconcerned about resources (time, money, equipment, geography) and skill (perceived or otherwise), what arts or crafts activity would you be interested in learning or undertaking?

As for me? Oh, there are so many! (Dyeing. Weaving. Jewelry making. Art quilting. Pattern design.) But the one I'd really like to try?


How about YOU?
What would you like to try?


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Oh my! YES! Sadly, I just read about my most impactful teacher passing away... she taught me more in 4 years of high school than all the other teachers combined. She did her best to remove all barriers for us to give us an "open field" to learn. And pottery? Yep... I simply LOVED every bit of it. It is the one thing that I truly wish I could still do! (Perhaps a Pub Shed for Pottery??)

I am going to take a watercolor class in November. And I can't wait! (if you have suggestions for watercolor choices, I'd be truly grateful!)


Pottery for me, too! The boys both took pottery I and II in high school, learned lots of techniques, and did some amazing things. I begged the teacher to do a class for adults but that didn't happen. Is there a class midway between the east coast and Michigan that we could all attend together? :-)


I would love to do pottery too! Colin & Mailing just finished a course in Philadelphia that ran for several months and they loved it. They are going to try to find a studio in Austin once they move in January. I might enjoy a little jewelry making too, who knows?


My choice would be pottery too! Back in the late 1990's I took a beginners class in hand built pottery at the John Campbell Folk Art School in Brasstown, NC. I loved it and have always thought about going back for another class. I had such a good time being creative, learning about other arts and crafts, and being around other creative people. I'm going to check out their catalog for 2022!


In the past year I took up weaving which has always intrigued me. I bought a Cricket loom nice and simple completely several projects. But what has really captured my interest is tapestry weaving. After playing on a small loom I purchased a larger loom and I’m hooked. What lies in the future? Painting classes maybe? I do feel rather hobbied out.

Kim in Oregon

I would want one of those really big looms!

We have a pottery studio in our House of Many Crafts. I took pottery lessons several different times and never got the hang of centering, which makes doing pottery very frustrating. Tim is the potter in our family. He is also building a strip-built kayak, so the garage is pretty much filled with his crafts. Luckily, my crafts only take up our entire 'utility room' and we're putting in more storage for me!


I like the idea of pottery but the reality is that I don't like my hands to be messy so it's probably not for me. If I had space and money to burn I would have a long arm quilting machine so that I could create beautiful designs on finished quilts.


I took a pottery class at our local arts center when I was in high school and really enjoyed it -- except for how much it dried out my hands! As for me, I want to learn to sew my own clothes!


It looks like you've filled a pottery class here, Kym!! I'd have to say I'd love to be proficient enough on piano to sit down and play absolutely anything that comes to mind, by ear or sight.


I know the college joke is "underwater basket weaving", but I've enjoyed the kits I've purchased to make baskets and would love to dive a little deeper into that kind of weaving.


I have tried learning to spin on a spindle but I would love to try a spinning wheel. I would also love to take a drawing or watercolor class.


It's hard for me to even think in those terms. If there's something that really intrigues me, I do it... maybe not consistently, maybe not forever... but I know that if I'm waiting for obstacles to fall, it'll never happen. It's easier for me to say what I know I DON'T want to try... successfully avoiding spinning for over a dozen years, for example. ;)


Possibly quilting. Rug braiding or hooking and needlepoint. No spinning! No weaving! :-)


Oh I know the answer to this one! Stained glass.

I have no idea where I would work on it, but I would love to take lessons to make a stained glass window.


I am committed to spindle spinning and really enjoy it. But I sure would like to try a spinning wheel and also natural dying of fiber.


Pottery for me too! Although I suspect I wouldn't be very good at it because of the centering issue that Kim mentioned. Are there classes for the coil method? Or is that too limited? Simple sewing came easily for me, probably because of a beginner's class I took as a preteen which is really all you need for most clothing, unless you want to get into tricky fabrics (chiffon!) or techniques (pleating, tailoring, etc.). Commercial sewing patterns make it fairly easy. Very Easy Very Vogue patterns were my go-to for stylish dresses done in a weekend, They used to cost a dollar or two on special sale days at Jo-Ann. Now it's a whole lot more. (Isn't everything?)


Oh, yes, yes, yes! I would be throwing clay in a heartbeat! I have always wanted to play in clay, but the cost has kept me away. So, are you going for it!?

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