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Today's question . . . is about dreams.

Do you wake up remembering your dreams? Are they vivid - or do they fade away? And . . . do you have any recurring dreams?

As for me . . . I'm afraid I'm not much of a dreamer. Or, maybe it's that I am not much of a rememberer when it comes to my dreams. I'm rarely aware of dreaming, and if I do have a glimmer of something, it generally fades before I've even grabbed my first cup of coffee. There are times, though, when my dreaming wakes me up . . . and it always seems to be the a dream with the same sort of theme: Frustration. In these dreams, it seems I'm always trying to get ready to go somewhere or do something with a specific time element (a job, a trip, some sort of engagement, on my way to pick someone up, etc.), but situations keep unfolding that prevent me from making any forward progress. No matter what I do, in my dream I can't make any headway! My clothes won't fit and then I get lost in my own house or I lose my keys and forget my passport and can't find a gas station . . . just endless annoyances. And it goes on and on and on and I get more and more frustrated in my dream . . . until I wake up. And then I'm always flooded with relief that it wasn't a real situation and I really DO know where my passport is!

How about YOU?
I'm curious to hear about your dreams!


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I have those dreams like yours all the time! I also have prophetic dreams. I have "baby" dreams before I know family members are expecting, dreams of a specific person falling, and they do, etc.


I'm kind of a dud when it comes to dreams. It seems like I rarely have them (I'm sure I do), but I never remember them. I do vividly remember one that I had about 35 years ago. I opened my high school locker and found my sister's body. It was so realistic and upsetting that I had to call her and make sure she was okay. I'm glad I only have dreams like that every three or four decades!


I sometimes have very vivid dreams. They have been more frequent since Covid imposed social isolation. The most vivid ones are in the morning...usually if I have woken up then fallen back to sleep.
The best dreams are the ones where I wake up laughing. (which my husband finds disturbing)


Sometimes I remember dreams, but most often don't. And sometimes when I do remember upon waking up, by the time I go downstairs I've completely forgotten them (I just remember that I wanted to tell Fletch, but I can't remember the dream). When I was young (maybe 9 or 10?) I had a recurring dream nightly for weeks about being chased by "robbers" - first on the street next to ours and then we would jump several towns over and be on the street where my piano teacher lived. Weird!


My dreams seem to be influenced by food. A late evening snack is a sure to way to bring on a crazy dream. My favorite one was being on a cruise ship that got stuck on a sandbar. All of us passengers had to stick our legs out the portholes to help push the ship free! Most of my dreams, however, seem to be about being unprepared. It’s the night before the final test in a class and I’ve never attended a lecture or opened a book.


Most of my dreams are about solving some complex problem or mystery and usually involve a lot of running around in strange places with people both familiar and unfamiliar. I usually forget the details of these dreams shortly after I wake up. I always dream in color, but the few dreams I've had in technicolor are the ones that I always remember and of those, I still remember a few after many years.


I often remember my dreams and when they feel particularly important I try and write them down. Anxiety dreams are classic, the ones like you describe, or the ones where you've missed an entire semester of classes, etc! Those are the worst!


I usually remember most of my dreams. Some can be quite vivid, others kind of humorous. I do still dream about teaching. My reoccurring dream usually in valves me being hopelessly unprepared or just incompetent. I don’t think that was true in my career.


I feel like I dream constantly at night. And I'm physically active in the dreams, though I know I don't really move. Some mornings I wake up 'exhausted' from all the activity...

I remember a lot of my dreams, at least for a while. Most mornings I put them away when I get up, but some mornings enjoy trying to figure them out.

I always know when I'm coming down with some illness because that's when the scary dreams (being chased, plane crashing, falling, etc) occur.

My husband believes he never dreams.


I have a mixed bag of dreams. Some I remember for a split second and the forget. Some I don't remember at all. I just remember that I did have a dream. Some play out where I get an answer to something that has been weighing on my mind. Some are so vivid they stick with me forever.

kim in oregon

I have two recurrent dreams. One is leaving a bag/suitcase somewhere and going back to get it and finding it gone. The other is trying to make tight airport connections and missing planes.


I seem to have themes in my dreams, or at least common things that keep happening. When I was younger, I'd regularly have dreams where someone or something (like a dog) was chasing me and I couldn't seem to run or even move fast, like my body was stuck in slo-mo. In the past couple of years, I've had a lot of dreams in which I'm in the house I grew up in and I'm packing a bag or a box with things in my room. Then there are the dreams where I can't find a functional bathroom anywhere (that's clearly my body telling me to get up and pee!). Last night I dreamed I was at some sort of summer camp with my family and was carrying around two raw eggs. What the heck is that supposed to mean?


I dreamed more often and much more vividly than usual when I was pregnant back in the day. Now I seldom remember my dreams when I wake up. A few years ago I had a dream where I could fly, several times. That was a wonderful dream and made me feel happy for a couple days afterward every time.


I seldom remember my dreams. But I do have a few recurring ones. In one of them, I'm at college, I haven't opened my mailbox for a while, and I can't remember the combination. It's surprisingly upsetting (in the dream). Weirdly, the mailboxes used to be like the ones really were at the college I attended. Recently they are in a different (and non-existent) building, in a very narrow hallway. This may have correlated with when my son went to the same school, and I learned they'd moved the mailboxes. (But not to a building like in my dreams).

I have other re-occurring dreams about a house - it's similar to my current house, but the "front door" is to the side of the living room, and there are two kitchens. Also a basement that has a second lower level the goes under neighboring houses. Really, nothing like my house ;-)


I think it is common to dream less as we get older - or at least remember them less. I still remember two dreams from childhood (one magical and one slightly scary) but can't remember the disturbing one I had recently which only took minutes to forget. Aside from that recent one I never remember my dreams. (Probably for the best:).)


I go in "dream spurts" it seems. I have a stretch of not knowing if I dream or not (I am sure I do, but just have no idea) and then suddenly, I have a spate of nights with all.the.dreams. and me remembering them. Those spurts seem to run on a loop because the dreams are all very similar.

Perhaps I should be charting stressful days and dreams, I might see a pattern?


I dream in spurts - my Dad showed up last night! It's a very rare treat to see one of my parents and they don't generally speak. And I've never dreamed of them together. My repeat dream is always one math class short to graduate college. I do tend to remember but I'm guessing it's always the one right before I wake. Nap dreams used to be CRAZY dreams. I always feel like dreaming of someone you know - especially those from the past is a nice little visit. :-)


I very rarely remember my dreams... I woke up crying once, and I remember that one. And I also remember the one when Mom visited me a few years after she died. But rarely even a glimmer in the morning of what I might have dreamt.


I had a friend who kept a dream journal. She said you had to make it a habit and keep the journal and pen right beside the bed to write them down as soon as you woke. I remember one dream I had about Pres. Clinton in the 1990s. So funny! I've never really cared about catching my dreams and rarely remember them (or even dream) any more.

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