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What Makes It "Good?"

Today - a Monday - I expect to hear this question nearly everywhere I go and from almost anyone I might encounter: Have a good weekend?

Because that's how it goes, right?
On Mondays we ask "Have a good weekend?" (And on Fridays we ask its close relative: "Big plans for the weekend?")


And I always wonder . . . What makes it "good" anyway?

Because sometimes a "good" weekend means doing something exciting . . .  like going to a big event or visiting a cool place or doing something unexpected and unusual. But a "good" weekend can also mean accomplishing the mundane tasks of life . . . like getting through a big list of chores at home or tackling a big item on our to-do lists. Or a "good" weekend can be a weekend where we do absolutely nothing at all . . . like sitting around in our comfy clothes reading a book or knitting or bingeing a TV show. Sometimes a "good" weekend is dependent on things we can't even control . . . like the weather or a sports win or the behavior of other people.

Basically, a "good" weekend is in the eye of the beholder and can be . . . nearly any damn thing at all. Right?

What's my point with all this? I don't even know. I just think it's interesting that we put so much expectation into our weekends.

And, if you're asking . . . I had a GOOD weekend!


What made it so?

Great weather to be outside -- and lots of time in the garden.

IMG_6235 2

(Tom doing battle with an out-of-control spirea. . . which is now at the curb, awaiting our city's quarterly brush pick-up service later today.) (He's my garden hero.)

A relaxing before-dinner beer on the patio.


(I'll tell you more about my knitting project on Wednesday.)

And ice cream!


Sometimes it's the simplest things that make for a "good" weekend!

By the way . . . How was YOUR weekend?


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Weekends are good if they include something you enjoy (the same thing is true for weeks themselves), and it looks like there was a lot to enjoy in yours! My weekend included a trip to MD to mow the lawn (stupid but necessary), and time spent hanging out with Ryan. That was good!


Now that I am retired, weekending is different. I actually do more resting and fewer chores. But during the lockdowns, I have been surprised to hear “Any big plans for the weekend” mostly at the store. Hmmm, I think I will stay close to home and away from germs, how about you?


I had a great weekend that included getting up close & personal with my own kitchen & bathroom floors for the first time in a LONG time (no more cleaning ladies)! It was completely spontaneous, which is when I do my best cleaning, and which also contributed to it being deemed "GOOD." Haha. If it had been planned, it would have been a looming black cloud and definitely Not.Good. Some other odd chores finished or begun, some knitting & crocheting progress... ALL GOOD! :)


Spent my Saturday ferrying my sister around, pre football game. She was tailgating with family and friends and had found a nearby parking spot she didn't want to lose. Her son is on the team, so she comes down to watch.

Luckily, this week she was staying with friends in JAX so I didn't have to be around her after she spent hours in an unmasked environment with 90,000 strangers!

Sunday was an on the couch, Netflix and Knitting day. We've had cooler weather down here and I've been enjoying the open windows and fresh breezes. Two and a half weeks until some mountain time!


Saturday was mostly errands or reading. Quiet and just plain enjoyable. Sunday was busy, busy with a book group and cooking a dinner of all things the things from the garden for a friend. It was a great ending to the weekend.


Since I’ve retired, weekends don’t seem so special. I usually avoid any kind of shopping, preferring to leave the stores to those who are working all week. I do all my errands on weekdays and spend the weekends at home. My mother-in-law always insisted that if you didn’t have plans for Saturday night there was something wrong with you. I don’t share that idea. A quiet weekend with my husband is just fine with me.


Um. That ice cream. Talk about 'good'!?!
I couldn't help but thinking about a similar conversation my brother and I often have about 'fun.' Like a 'good weekend,' it's so relative! Fun, for me, is often something that would be mind-numbing to someone else; and on the flip side of that coin, something fun for someone else would be my idea of hell.
Don't you love how ridiculously refreshing your pre-dinner, post-gardening beer was? I could be making assumptions here, but...I remember my Gram cracking open a Genny Cream Ale after a long day in the garden. The day in the dirt made it taste even better.


It was good! And I checked off a couple of things on this weeks "to-do" list so perhaps I'd even qualify it as GREAT!

I love that beer on the patio shot... ahhh!


I completely agree with all of this! And our weekend was great thank-you. Getting ready for "upstairs company". I think you were the last to sleep in that room! (Big bed now so come on back!)


Good is all in the eye of the beholder and what's good one week might not be the same the next week. I think good is being content with what you have and I'd like to have some ice cream, please!


I think in the Before Times there was some unspoken expectation that we had to cram as much stuff into the weekend as we could because weekdays were too busy. I'm really not feeling that pressure anymore now that I can get a lot of the mundane chores and tasks done during the week (I'm listening to my washing machine spin right now). Now I think of a good weekend as one that doesn't feel like it flies by and has some time to stop and take a breath. Know what I mean? I like the pace to slow down just a bit.


I'm glad you had a good weekend and I hope you have a good week!
On Saturday I went to our local Farmers Market and it is the last market of the season. I got garlic, peppers, mushrooms, & local honey. I did find out that the farmer who sells cage free , organic eggs & chicken will sell from his farm during the off season on Saturday mornings and his farm is right here in town! I went to a nursery & bought mums, cleaned up my front garden and set out the mums. Like you, I enjoyed a beer on the patio! I have more work to do in my garden, but I'm not going to wear myself out over it, I want to take some time to savor this nice fall weather!

kathy b

Saturday I bought a kit. So that was the bees knees


It was GOOD! LOL

Weather was perfect. A lunch date "over the mountain" at one of our favorite restaurants. A little yarn shop shopping. Some reading. A new to me tea that was delicious and the anticipation of some long-time friends visiting from Florida this week.

Yep ..........GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD weekend.


That looks like a GREAT weekend! I just commented on Carole's blog that I miss celebrating weekends ... not that there's pressure, just that we seem to not be talking about them so much anymore. There's definitely a different rhythm to them these days - especially since we live with someone who has a M-F job! (I'm pretty sure she'd say ALL weekends are GOOD ones!)

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