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Tortoise-ing Along


How's that sideways-sweater knitting coming along?
(This pattern.)


S - L - O - W - L - Y.

That's how!


I'm knitting at tortoise-speed this summer.
And that's okay.


I've knit one sleeve, the back and the front.
The rows are about to get a lot shorter again, so . . . Home Stretch.

And . . . I've reached the Most Exciting Part: dropping the stitches for the fringe!


Slow and steady wins the race, right?


How about you? Are you a tortoise. . . or a hare . . . when it comes to your "making?"


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Oh, that is just looking wonderful Kym! It will be the perfect fall layer! (my knitting somehow picked up speed this week... I fairly flew through the knitting to the sleeve divide, which sometimes can feel like a real slough!)


I'm more like the Push Me-Pull You from Dr. Suess.

Make this! NO THAT! NOOOOOOO.....make what this one. NOT THAT ONE!

Yikes! I need to settle on ONE THING soon or NOTHING will get done.


Your sweater is looking good, and it looks like you've decided on the stockinette side out. Lovely, at whatever speed you knit it at! (I am most definitely a proud tortoise.)


You are in the home stretch now -- compared to the body, that second sleeve is going to go pretty fast, I think!

I find I tend to be either one or the other in my speed: Things either get done quickly or they languish.


Almost always a tortoise. Which is OK - slow and steady. This is going to be a fun sweater!


Definitely a tortoise in the making department this summer, because I've been a hare in so many other areas! LOVE that sweater, can't wait to see it finished (no matter how long it takes).


That sweater is going to be SO awesome! I'm generally a tortoise although I had to be a hare earlier this summer with the wedding knitting. Right now I'm being very careful about how much time I'm spending knitting because of carpal tunnel. My hands felt better yesterday so I knit last night and now I'm paying the price today.

kim in oregon

The sweater looks great! really great!!! I think it is zipping along!


Pretty much a tortoise these days. Love the looks of that sweater...and how much fun dropping those stitches must be!


OOOHHH FRINGE! (I'm a tortoise some days and a hare on others ;-)

Julia in KW

Oooo! That looks so awesome, though a little nerve wracking with the dropped stitches. Hmmm! To decide if that goes on my o-so-long queue!


Looks so cool with the fringe. I’m more of a start-and-stop-er myself. Chloe


Oh I love that pattern and yours is looking awesome!


Adorable. I'll be really interested to see the fringe take shape.


That sweater looks perfect for you Kym. I love it! Sometimes being a tortoise is the perfect way to be. The key (in my opinion) is to enjoy what you are doing. Slow or fast. It really isn't a race.

Kathy b

Oh Kym. It is going to knit up so we11!!!

I need to sit and knit again. I think I'm spending too much time driving and on important phone ca11s. !ast night it was 9 before I knit one stitch. thats kook

Caffeine Girl

I am also a tortoise. For one thing, I am mistake-prone, so I end up frogging as much as I knit. It looks like it is going to fit perfectly -- and you can't ask for more than that!


Always a tortoise :)
And that looks fantastic on you!


Your title brought me up short because Mylo found a TORTOISE today!! Seriously.
Anyway, You are going to love the hell out of this sweater this fall/winter! The colors are great and the style looks so good on you! I had my doubts, but this sweater is fantastic!


I am mostly a tortoise. Slow and steady and all that. Your sweater is so pretty. It looks like a very fun knit with such pretty yarn and interesting construction.

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