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This is a Test!

I'm knitting like it's my job right now.
Or . . . I'm trying to! 


Because I'm doing a test knit for Elizabeth Smith.
And I have a deadline!

I've knit a few of Elizabeth's designs in the past (like this one and this one), and they are among my favorites -- to knit and to wear. I tend to like the basic simplicity of Eliabeth's designs, and I really appreciate her attention to detail. (She writes a great pattern, too. Clear, easy to follow, lots of photos and technique tips/tricks.) So when she showed a new design on her blog last month and put out a call for test knitters, I was All Over It. Because her new design is one I'd be wanting to knit - and wear - anyway!

I'm doing the no-sleeves version in the DK/sport weight "division" . . . in this yarn. (And I did check in with Elizabeth writing this post. I do have her OK to show my progress here, although I won't be revealing any modeled shots until she releases the pattern later this fall.) 


I really like the way it's coming together so far. I love the texture! It looks kinda like Brioche. But it's not. And it looks kinda like ribbing. But it's not. (Surprise - it's all just knit and slipped stitches.) The stitch pattern has a nice, easy rhythm, and the knitting clips along pretty quickly. (And it's glaringly obvious when you've miscounted, so when fixes are necessary, they're easy to manage.) (Ask me how I know. . . ).

This is one test I'm happy to take!


How about you? What are you making this week?

(And be sure to stop by Kat's today for more Unraveled Wednesday fun.)





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Ooh, that is a lovely test! I've knit several scarves in that "ribbing" (I just called it "that corrugated stitch") and I love the squishiness. Enjoy and I look forward to the pattern release!


I love that mistake rib -- it's so squishy! Looking forward to seeing what this becomes!


That is just gorgeous. I love the colors! That looks like mistake rib to me, too, although you said there are slipped stitches. I am working a cowl right now. Love the portability since ai don’t like knitting socks.


What a fun sweater!


You chose beautiful colors and I love the chunky texture of those stitches. I can see that getting a LOT of wear when it is finished.


The colors are beautiful and that mistake rib looks so squooshy - I love it!


I love the colors and the texture and I can't wait to see the finished sweater!


What pretty colors and texture in the yarns. I bet the sweater will be fun to wear. Elegant simple patterns are so wearable.


Oh fun! I will be looking forward to that pattern release. I dislike knitting brioche, and that much ribbing kills my wrists.

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