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Sometimes Mondays

. . . are scrambled.

Sundays . . . have always been my get-it-together day of the week. The day I wrap up the week just ending . . . and plan for the week that's coming. I have Sunday Chores (laundry, for example) and "calendar-ing" (where I get my schedule for the coming week set in my head) and Planning (meals, blog posts, etc.). I like my Sundays to be neat and orderly so I can hit the ground running on Monday.

But. . . that was not to be yesterday.

In fact, I lost the whole Sunday! I was down for the count after getting my 3rd Covid vaccine dose on Saturday (part of a carefully orchestrated plan to be able to get me in a place where I can safely get an infusion treatment for my RA next month) (it's complicated). I didn't have terrible reactions to my first 2 doses, but this 3rd one did knock me out of contention for the whole day.

I'm feeling just fine today. But scrambling.
Because I didn't (at all) get-it-together for the week ahead yesterday.


“You don’t get explanations in real life. You just get moments that are absolutely, utterly, inexplicably odd.” 
    — Neil Gaiman

Let's see how well I recover this week! (Because, often, when I miss my Sunday . . . I never quite get-it-together and end up flailing all week long.)



A Reminder:

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Sorry for your reaction and the loss of Sunday, but that's some reassurance that it's working. Make those antibodies and stimulate those T cells so you can safely get your infusion. I bet you'll catch up this week and I'll see you tomorrow night!


A friend of mine is in the same spot as you are with her RA. She was down for two days from her third but is back at it a couple of days later. So happy you both are well protected! I am looking forward to the discussion of Unsettled Ground. I can only stay an hour but I'll be there!


Sorry about that negative reaction (though I have heard that about the 3rd dose). Better that you've had it though. And I hope this week is gentle for you.


I hope you've rallied and are making your way into the week sort of on track!


That third shot will be worth the down-day. But, I AM sorry you felt punky. Hope the rest of the week is better.


You can turn Monday into the new Sunday and keep this week on track, I just know it.


So sorry to hear you lost Sunday, but boy oh boy, that booster is a needed shot for your health and the health of us all. I must admit, I'm not looking forward to the booster, (had a bad reaction to the 2nd shot), but of course will get it as soon as I can!
Hope your week pans out smoothly. Mine will be doctor's appt. for my husband, driving here, waiting there, growing old is a lot of work!


So sorry you were ill from your booster, but happy to hear your on schedule for you infusion therapy. Take it easy, and here's to feeling better, in so many ways, in the next few weeks!


I'm glad you are feeling better and will be able to safely get your RA treatment! Wishing you well, Kym!


oh dear. I sure hope you fee1 top notch soon. This COVID is so hard on anyone with a chronic i11ness to begin with. Hugs to you


Wishing you well also! Life can be really hard. Hope you can get back to your rituals, which are a big help to most of us.


I'm sorry your shot made you lose a day, but I'm sure in the long run you'll be glad for that shot! I hereby give you a pass on getting it together for this week. As long as you manage to feed and water yourself and show up for tonight's Zoom, you're golden!


Sending up all the good thoughts that you'll get that RA treatment as planned. Seems like, in the big ol' scheme of things, that's really all that matters!

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