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Welcome to Read With Us book discussion week!

Bonny and Carole and I are each posting a different question (or questions) on our blogs today about our latest RWU book . . . Unsettled Ground. Join the discussion (which you're welcome do even if you didn't read the book).  I'll be answering your posts within the comment section for this discussion -- and you can comment on other people's comments, as well. Y'know . . . like in a real book group. (Please know . . . that because of the limitations of Typepad, I can't "layer" or "stack" the comments in my comment feed. Sorry. Bear with me.)

Let's begin. . . 


First . . . I'd really like to know what you thought of the book. How did it make you feel? Did you like it? Do you think it deserved to be one of the Women's Prize for Fiction finalists this year?

Next . . . There is a strong connection to the land in book -- from the title, to the gardening work Jeanie does, to the family's way of life. In what ways do you think the gardens and the landscapes in Unsettled Ground make the characters who they are? Did you see the cottage garden as a refuge for Jeanie -- or as a prison? And what about Jeanie's gardening job for Saffron -- refuge or prison?

Last . . . What three words would you use to describe Unsettled Ground to someone who hasn't read the book?

I can't wait to hear what you think!


Don't forget: We'll be discussing the book on Zoom tonight - 7:00 pm Eastern Time. There's still time for you to join us! Just let me know of your interest either with a comment or by sending me an email (see sidebar, above) -- and I'll send a Zoom invitation. 

PS - If you have signed up for the Zoom, but you haven't received an invitation from me by noon today, please let me know so I can re-send the invitation to you.



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Three words: Unsettling, provoking, hopeful.
I liked this book right away for the mystery of Dot's intention, the story that unfolded was a page turner, as in "what's going to happen next!". Jeanie knew what had to be done to keep Julian and she safe (and fed) and she worked to make it happen. Overall, the land was a refuge. She knew it well and loved it thoroughly.


An interesting and, at the same time, uncomfortable book. It was difficult for me to imagine this happening in real life (but I'm sure it does...there are enough weird folks out there!). I will say the book kept me interested, even if I found it hard to believe and hard to like. I think Jeanie's gardening was a refuge rather than a prison. I would use Margene's three words, except replace hopeful with disturbing.


I found this book - unsettling. I was not uninterested, but it seemed very slow at first, and then everything got kind of exciting, but then resolved in realistic and unsatisfying ways. Again - unsettling.

And reading about an adult in modern life who couldn't read was -- unsettling.


This book was unsettling. I do think she found the garden a refuge both their garden and Saffron's. It was something she knew how to do and was good at it. I think Vera's 3 words would be mine also.

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