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Finishing A Little Something

Just in time for the end of summer, I finished my very whimsical little embroidery project.


I loved everything about this project.
The design.
The colors.
The stitching.
The whimsy and charm.
The getting back to my crafting "roots" as an embroiderer. 


I think what I loved the MOST about this project . . . was just working without a net. Not really following directions. Just kind of . . . free-forming it to see what would happen IF.

I loved that.


This little project awakened my desire to keep embroidering; to do MORE of this kind of thing.
So stay tuned! (Because now I'm kind of inspired.)


And how about you? What are you making these days?


PS - For details about this sampler, you can read this post from earlier in the summer when I talk on and on about it.


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I love how colorful your sampler is, and that chain stitch and French knots set off the flowers beautifully! I'm glad you're inspired because I'd love to see more of your embroidery!


I love how it turned out! I have been slowing adding to my sampler but also doing quite a bit of decluttering in my fiber space. So many options can be overwhelming!


Looks to me like you don't NEED a net, Kym! Embroidery has to be one of the most fun of all the handwork options, I think. My projects are always itty bitty, like a hedgehog added to a pillowcase or a spiral to a tee shirt. But always satisfying and joyful!


I think it is a masterpiece. you shoud enter it in a contest. I !ove it!!


That looks like such a fun project. I love the colors!


It looks great! So, what will you do with it? And also, you make excellent French knots!


I'm all in for this.


I love it. It looks like it was fun to do.


I was thinking about that cross-stitch project I started back in February ... and the quilt I started in April. and then I started another sweater :-) I love that you are multi-craftual!


That turned out really cute.


It turned out beautifully! Now, what will you do with it? Will it be a decorative piece? Will you turn it into a little pillow? My biggest challenge when I used to do a lot of cross stitch was doing something with the pieces I finished. Sad to say that most of them are still folded up in plastic bags in a bin somewhere.


The colors you used make this little piece pop in a way I didn't know it could! Well done! Little projects like this make the soul sing. The few I did a couple of years ago are still fun to use, look at and enjoy.

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