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C'mon In!

We're up north at our cottage for a few days this week, and plan to stay through the weekend. The dock and boats are already out of the water for the year, so there will be less time at the lake; more time up at the cottage. This week, we've been focused on clean-up. There was a nasty storm here a couple of weeks ago, and while we were lucky to avoid much direct damage to our property (there was hail the size of golf-balls -- although not round; the hail had jagged edges, more like asteroids apparently), there is still a lot of . . . mess . . . from a storm like that in the woods. (Lots of big branches down, leaves pelted from the trees, broken patio lights, that kind of thing).

It's also time for a good inside-cleaning (I do have to tackle that every now and then . . . ), and especially since we're expecting guests for the weekend. While things are looking all spiffed up inside, I thought you might enjoy dropping in for a "look-see."

C'mon in!


Our cottage is small (under 900 square feet) and quite utilitarian, but cozy! It's also full of "relics" -- cast off furniture, old lamps, former appliances that made the shift to cottage-use when we upgraded at home . . . that kind of thing. Most recently added . . . is the couch you may remember seeing from past blog photos. When we re-configured our library at home, we moved the couch up to the cottage (replacing an absolutely ancient sofa bed that we're glad to see go). The couch looks so much better up here than it ever did at home!

Anyway. When you enter the cottage, you come into a large(ish) open living area.


This old recliner (it was once in my Mom's living room, long long ago) is "my spot" when we're up north. (And, yeah. That's my beer there on the table with my knitting.)


There's a little dining area (which also serves as Tom's home-office-away-from-home-office at one end of the table) . . . 


and a quite-functional kitchen.


Upstairs . . . there's a loft that serves as our guest room. It's also where I set up my computer when we aren't expecting company.


Although the loft looks kind of boring from that angle, it really does offer the best views of the cottage when you turn around.


The loft also gives great overhead views of the space below. (Back in the days when our kids "ruled" the loft, we had to institute VERY SPECIFIC RULES about what could and could not be launched from the loft onto unsuspecting people - or pets - below.) (Bonus points if you spot Jenny on the porch, waiting to be let in.)


And then . . . down the dark hallway . . . there is a closet (under the stairs), a small bedroom for Tom and I, a bathroom, and a utility room (including a stacked washer/dryer -- the smartest thing we installed when building the place way back when). The back door leads out onto the deck . . . and the views of the lake I often share.


And that's it!
Compact, but cozy. A perfect place to get away for awhile.

Thanks for stopping by. 
I hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend . . . wherever you are and whatever you have planned.


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Oh this is just wonderful. So cozy and comfortable. I love your knitting spot. AND the beer! Thank you so much, Kym.


Thank you for the lovely tour of your cozy, functional cabin! I wish I could visit you, and sit on the sofa with a beer and my knitting.


This just looks so perfect Kym! I love it. And, are those birch legs on the table next to your chair? Thanks for sharing all these photos. You have a gem of a place!! Like Bonny, I wish I could visit and have a beer with you:)


Thanks for the tour! I'm a beer with my knitting kind of person also...

We've just broken ground on our cabin up in NC. We have a similar layout, but a little more room since it's going to be our full time home. Looking forward to living the mountain life!

kim in oregon

So cozy! I love all the white lights and the high ceilings.


Your cottage is perfect for a getaway and when you have to tackle clean up it's not so big you can't handle it. I love its coziness and the warm look of all your furniture and walls. It's easy to see why you love it!


How fortunate to have such a retreat. I love it all (though it makes me miss my grandma's Northern Michigan cottage). Enjoy!


You have such a nice place, thanks for sharing the photos with us! Hope you have a great weekend!


I'm grinning from ear to ear, remembering the wonderful time we spent with you at the cottage. I see that table, though, and all I can think about is pass the pigs . . .


Oh I love it! So cozy and warm. All that wood in warm tones does that. Have a wonderful weekend!


That looks so charming. I could live there for SURE! You've made a little piece of heaven. Have a great weekend.


This looks like such a cozy getaway and truly a place to relax! I can see why you enjoy escaping Up North as often as you do in the summer!


Your lake cottage is so cozy. I can imagine hours in that comfy chair, knitting and sipping!


What a lovely cottage and I don’t think I would ever leave! I absolutely love the beautiful wood … gorgeous.


It is perfection. The 1ights are so cheerfu1. I am going to do 1itt1e white 1ights around here. Thank s. I cant say enough about how much I 1ove the p1ace. THe wood. The beer. THe yarn. THe stairway. thanks for the tour!!

Caffeine Girl

That is a fabulous cabin. All that wood makes it so cozy and cabiny. I can't believe you have so many amenities in such a small space. And it doesn't even look crowded.


What a cozy retreat! Thank you for sharing... I feel more relaxed just reading this post!


Wow, Kym, thank you for the tour - what a perfect home away - I love the size and the cozy factor!


I can attest to the coziness of this lovely space! Nice to revisit. ;)

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