Unlocking: A Progress Post
Sometimes Mondays

Weekend To-Do List

"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't give up."
 --- Stephen Hawking


I challenge you to find something to be curious about this weekend.
Be kind - to yourself and everyone around you.
And don't give up!


I'll see you on Monday.


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This is a list I will gladly add to my planner!


Have a wonderful weekend, Kym.


Hmmmm . . . I'm curious about what time we might all make it to the beach today . . . and which one we will choose to go to!


I'm curious about how great the Eagles concert will be tonight and if my mask will protect me in that crowd! (Doug is just getting over a pretty serious breakthrough case he must have brought home from the Colorado trip.) Have a nice weekend Kym!


What is that? It is really pretty. I'm mostly curious about when this heat and humidity will break. But I'm extremely happy that my conference calls are over for the day (my 11 call just got cancelled!!). Happy weekend Kym - enjoy!


Curiosity is the theme for a gathering that I will be attending on Saturday. Now that is synchronicity! Have a good weekend

Kathy b

I needed this. !!!! I do try to be kind. And I do need to find some Joy today. A! , our daughter just took off for Oklahoma, and the goodbye was ok . But the house is now so quiet. I wi11 get out with Fireman. It he1ps.


Have a great weekend.

Is that a Star Dogwood berry?


oh perfect Kym! thank you!! I think I'm going to be curious about Sweetness of Water. and maybe a new-to-me red wine ;-)


Right now I'm curious about when we will have a break from this hot, humid weather! I'm also curious to see what goodies will be available at the farmers market tomorrow . Hope you have a great weekend!


A FINE set of instructions!


I am always interested in learning something new and consider myself a curious person in general, so I am happy to take on this challenge! I will see what new thing I can learn this weekend.


I'm curious about that plant. I've never seen one like it. I saw some plants at the local "Sunken Gardens," (a city garden that is a show stopper) Sunday that I've also not seen previously. I am also curious about the potatoes growing under the ground. They've sent up brand new plants but not flowered. What does this mean?

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