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Unlocking: A Progress Post

A lot of times, I share my progress on some sort of project or another here. Knitting, often. Sometimes sewing. Painting from time to time. Stitching. Container gardens. Even home décor.

Let's go for something different today!
Still a progression.
Just a longer term and different type of progression. 

Today, my friends, I'm sharing the progress of my Pandemic Grow-Out-Your-Hair Odyssey!

At the beginning . . . 


This is me on March 21, 2020. It is not a great selfie, but . . . it gets the job done. You can see the starting point of my Hair Odyssey: short, lots of layers, bangs. (I'd had an appointment scheduled for a regular haircut just as everything was shutting down for the pandemic, so my last haircut was in mid-February 2020.) I'd already planned (pre-pandemic) to let my grow out a bit and see where my mood took me . . . and with no immediate option for a haircut, I decided to roll with it. Y'know. For a few weeks, maybe a month. (At the time, I assumed I might miss a haircut - maybe two - before everything was under control again.) (HAH.)


Almost six months later . . . Here I am on August 21, 2020. No haircut in sight. At this point, I could pull my hair into a baby-ponytail using lots of little clippy-barrettes to hold back the layers. I was cutting my own bangs, but wasn't doing any other snipping or trimming. It was at this point that I decided . . . Let's do the Full Monty here and grow out those bangs while we're at it!


And - ugh! What a horror that process is . . . the Growing Out of Bangs! Here I am, February 13, 2021 . . . and completely dependent on headbands, mini banana clips, tiny barrettes, and (most often) a pair of glasses-as-headband to hold the hair away from my face. Also hats. Lots of hats. (It was a good thing I wasn't going anywhere anyway. I'd never have had the patience for this VERY LONG stage of the journey at any other time of my life.) My salon had opened again, but I stayed away. (I was afraid my stylist might not be fully onboard with my hair growth strategy.)

Which brings us to today: My MISSION ACCOMPLISHED moment.
Because . . . YOU GUYS!!!!!!

IMG_5681 3

I have unlocked the JUST PULL IT BACK IN A PONYTAIL achievement!

I don't need a headband.
I don't need tiny barrettes.
I don't need bobby pins or mini-clips or hairspray or anything.

It's my Dream Hair!
Just pull it back -- or not -- and GO!

And - BONUS. I've even unlocked the MESSY BUN achievement.


I am declaring my Pandemic Hair Odyssey officially "over," but that doesn't mean I'm planning to cut my hair into a different style anytime soon. I like the ease of my newly-long hair (and not having to mess with my bangs anymore).  I'm planning to keep it long. I do get occasional shaping-things-up haircuts now that salons are open and there are good safety protocols in place at my particular salon, but it's just for a trim-up and to keep things from looking . . . feral.


18 months.
18 months of pandemic.
18 months of Hair Odyssey.

I'm calling an end to one of those.
(And I wish it were the pandemic.)



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Bravo to you! That bang growing out stage just seems to last for freaking ever! Well done!! :)


I love this look on you! And it's a cautionary tale I will refer to every time I consider cutting bangs. I rely on that Ponytail Achievement level a LOT.


Oh man - so many times I have grown out bangs and it is ALWAYS a major PITA! My hair now is longer than it has ever been - I had a tiny bit (inch or two) cut before Colin's wedding...but my hair is now just about to my waist. I want to get it cut - a major cut - but I need to find a salon and I also need to figure out what I want (am thinking of an asymetrical longish bob, but not sure...). My hair grows quickly, and I have a habit of going very short then very long then very short and repeat. Bravo to you for getting it done and looking good throughout the process.


It's interesting to hear positive things about the pandemic, and your Hair Growth Odyssey is one of them! I so wish I had grown my bangs out, but I've had them forever and never even thought about it way back when the pandemic started. My last haircut resulted in hair that was almost too short for a ponytail, and I won't do that again. It's finally long enough to get off my neck and into that very important ponytail achievement. Maybe it's even time for you to try a French braid?!


Woohoo! That looks great, Kym!! I love your messy bun.

I grew my bangs out YEARS ago and never turned back. My hair has almost always been long-ish, but, like Vera, it's now longer than it's ever been in my life -- waist-length or even a bit more. I will get it cut at some point, and it would be nice to have a good length to donate, but my #1 priority is PONYTAIL. (It's rare not to have a ponytail now because it's so long it's almost ridiculous... but it's a pretty impressive ponytail, if I do say so myself!)


This pandemic has been a strange boon in a number of ways, and one of them is clearly the ability to grow out your hair without worrying about how you looked in the awkward stages. Hooray for messy buns!


FANTASTIC!! growing out my curls is probably my favorite pandemic accomplishment ... a messy bun was never in the cards for me but it looks amazing on you!


Congrats on the HUGE achievement.

I have tried so many times and failed every time. Lord give me strength. 18 MONTHS??????


You go! I always say the pony tail girls don’t get the struggle we short hair girls have - but I know YOU will always get it. :-) my hair will always need to be short (I’ve tried - bad decision) and bangs are in the cards (forehead known as five head). Happy for your success and patience to get there…it looks marvelous! And me…I know how to fix 5:45 am hair so I can skidaddle to the gym! xo


Kinda sorta ditto Patty. The last time I looked good in long hair was in my 30s. The last time I looked good in a ponytail: never. Though God knows, I tried. Short hair is my friend. (Although it all depends on the cut.)


P.S. You do a great messy bun!


Love your messy bun! Looks great on you! Wished I had the patience to grow one for myself.

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