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They Say

They've Got My Number

I'm always amazed when I scroll through my Instagram feed . . . and  see so many ads perfectly targeted to me. (So. Many.)

I'm frequently tempted to peek.
And sometimes I do.
And sometimes I even order.


Like, for instance, this great new shirt -- perfect for yoga or working out or just plain old wearing.

Those Instagrams?


They've really got my number!


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I love that shirt and it was clearly targeted for you! My ads are not so spot on - bladder control stuff and arthritis products.


The same thing happens to me! And I LOVE your new tee shirt. Perfect!!


That IS absolutely perfect for you!

kim in oregon

I'm somewhat sure that this is not random (the matching of shirt and you).

Slogan aside (which is great), I do like the cut of this t.


They really do know us so well, don't they? Although I seem to get a lot of ads for pet supplies (I guess because I follow cute dogs on IG, but I don't have any of my own -- yet). I've been tempted a couple of times, but so far my only great IG ad-related purchase was my first pair of Rothys. That shirt is perfect for you!


Very cute.


oh wow! what a perfect match for you! Sara and I were just talking last night about how much we love our "curated ads". She's currently seeing lots of home furnishing stuff and I'm seeing nail polish, summer sandals, and reading glasses :-)


Wow! That is brilliant! (and a little scary!!) LOL

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