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Sometimes Plans Change

Taking Shape

So I've been doing a little knitting.

Not a lot.
But some.

I'm making this . . . out of this . . . and it's got a rather interesting construction.

First, it's knit sideways.

IMG_5658 2

And second, it promises future excitement (!) with Dropped-Stitches-To-Make-Fringe.
(I can't wait for that part.)

This is one of those projects that is super simple - in design and in construction.
The yarn does ALL the work and heavy lifting.


But it has taken more than a little thinking and even some algebra to get it into shape so far. Because with a sideways construction? Row gauge matters!
And I never get row gauge. 
(So I had to knit that first sleeve twice. I got over it.)

But that's not where the thinking ends with this project.
Because as I'm knitting, I'm pondering a design thing . . .
and at this point, I'd love to get your opinion.

The pattern is designed to have the smooth side of the stockinette showing as the right side.
Like this . . . 


But I'm actually loving the way the reverse side of the stockinette looks.
Like this . . . 


Reversing things is simple. I just need to decide before I seam.
(And I have plenty of time to decide, as you can see.)



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That is an interesting sweater! Both sides have their appeal, but I personally prefer the reverse. It reminds me of watercolors and just looks more interesting!


Make it reversable?

kim in oregon

I like sideways knitting! I think yours' looks terrific.


I had the opposite dilemma recently, where reverse stockinette was to be the "right" side. I nearly switched, then studied it once more -- and the beauty of the (not just) reverse stockinette revealed itself. I'm glad I stuck with what the designer intended. In this case, I think you're right on to make the reverse the right side. That's due, I think, to your yarn choice: it turns the fabric into a Monet canvas!

p.s. I'll be at Fiber Fest on Friday. If you're going that day, maybe we'll run into each other. I'll recognize you, and will introduce myself.


I prefer the knit side of the stockinette but I think it will look great either way.


You've addressed the very question that came up at our dinner table last night: "When am I even going to USE algebra in real life?" :)


I am generally not a reverse stockinette person but I like it!


I'm more a fan of the stockinette side. The yarn is pretty busy and the garter ribs make it sort of "mushy" to my mind's eye.

Of course, you do you. You're the one that has to like it and wear it. LOL

The yarn sure is pretty!


Team Wrong Side here! (and I almost always have to do a little math on my sweaters - row gauge isn't easy for me either!)


You can't go wrong with either choice. I rather like the stockinette side but I am Type A sort of neat-nik. Either side will be lovely. The construction is very interesting and the yarn is so pretty.

kathy b

You do you!!!! Inside out it is!


I like the reverse side. I had a similar dilemma once and stayed with the safe choice. Sorry I did. But I like kayT’s idea too!


I have the same issue with row gauge -- I think it's pretty common! I really don't have a preference for which side should be out on your fabric, but I'm generally a stockinette fan over reverse stockinette. It just looks tidier to me.


I'm team AC/DC... there's gotta be a way to make that reversible! I made a shawl once for my mom that had a drop-stitch fringe and it was a blast!


Saw this yarn made up at an LYS last year; it was a summery short sleeve top. Looked really cool (as in “not hot”) and refreshing. Tickled to see your project in it! I like both versions, reverse looks especially interesting. Would never hesitate in doing the “wrong side” out if I liked it better.


The reverse has great texture and reminds me of the woven cotton fabric that jackets and pullovers were made from in the 70s. Go for it!


It's so pretty and you have me totally intrigued with the design! Either side is really lovely, and I can't wait to see the drop stitch fringe. Love the yarn color, too!


I think the reverse is more interesting - but it does blur the edges of the stripes. Which I like. It looks like a fun sweater - interesting to look at, not too hard to knit - just that math ;-)

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