Not-So-Secret Formula
How I Spent My Summer Staycation

Summer Vacation

Summer is going fast, friends! 


I've decided to take a little summer vacation this week. I'm not going anywhere or doing anything exciting or special. Just . . . taking a few days off to enjoy the summer, kick back on my patio, and fill my tank.

I'll be around.
It's just a little blog break . . . summer vacation style.

Have a good week -- and I'll see you next Monday.


"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside you."
            --- Deepak Chopra


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Lovely - enjoy!!


Enjoy! Sometimes the best vacation is not going anywhere but just taking the time to enjoy the life you have!


Enjoy! XO


Bravo to you!


We will see you when you get back. Enjoy your week off.


I think I am unintentionally doing the same thing. Enjoy


Enjoy your time away from the screen!

Kim in Oregon



We intended to do just that, then all hell broke loose….as life often does. All the more reason for you to Definitely take the time when you can….because, you know, Life:)…Have a nice glass of sumpin’ and enjoy!



kathy b

Good for you!!! Enjoy . Come back with stories if you wish!

Caffeine Girl



Slowing the pace. Lovely.


I hope you're enjoying the week and refilling your tank with all the best things! (and thank you for the reminder to stop on my walk tomorrow morning to photograph the clump of black-eyed susans I pass (since I don't see any echinacea) before they fade for the season)


What a great idea. Enjoy your summer vacation.


I had to comment on your penultimate post about thriller-filler-spiller. By our front door is a half barrel that I always plant, this year with various coleus rather than flowering plants. But your post opened up a WORLD! of creativity. Next year that barrel will have the thriller-filler-spiller going on, and it will look like I hired a pro to do it. Thanks a bunch!

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