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Sometimes Plans Change

Way back on Monday, I had plans for the blog posts I'd write this week. But after a week where we all feel like we've been battered and bruised and drained and depleted, those posts just feel . . . trite and tone deaf. Those blog posts can wait. Or disappear forever. Sometimes plans change.

Instead, for today, please try to find some space for peace and ease in your life.

IMG_5668 2

Take some time . . .

To breathe.
To find what might soothe your soul.
To send your best juju to the universe.
To be kind.

It's no time to give up, my friends. We need to keep shining our lights.


"Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."
            --- Desmond Tutu


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Things happen, plans change, and this post is perfect. Wishing you peace, good health, and lots of good in your life.


Thank you for the beautiful moment, Kym. I really and truly felt my heart rate go down as I spent some time in your garden...

kim in oregon

Thanks Kym. Sometimes we need a little normalcy in these times.


Your photo is a perfect illustration of peace.


It is definitely getting harder to see the light.


Such an inspiring post and so very timely too. Some days you just need to step away from everyday life and soak in the sun and the nature around you.


thank you for this. xxoo.


It has been a week, hasn't it? There is never a time when finding a little peace and centering isn't a good idea, so thanks for that.


Battered and bruised is how this week feels. Thank you for the peace of your garden.

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