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Sometimes Mondays

. . . feel like a hangover.


Not from drinking too much. (At least, not in my case.) But (in my case) from Checking-Out-of-Life-Because-Reading.

Everyone reads differently. Some people plow through books faster than you can blink an eye. Some people plod along with books slowly and methodically. Some people do best with some "white space" in their reading. It's all good. It's just preferences. Know what you like and roll with it . . . that's my philosophy.

Anyway. I'm generally a reader who prefers a little "white space" in my reading. I like some time to think and ponder and let the words roll around a bit . . . between books, yes, but also as I read a book. I prefer taking little "breaks" as I read . . . to let words sink in and make connections in my brain. But every now and then, well . . . I get completely caught up and carried away with a book and just can't seem to put it down.

And that's what happened to me this weekend.
(Just one more chapter . . . ) (Y'know.)

Eventually, I caved. I stopped fighting the book. I sat and read for much of the weekend.
I didn't do the chores I had planned.
I didn't catch up on some paperwork I hoped to complete.
I didn't do a damn thing, really.

Except read. . . 

And now? It feels like a hangover.
I wish I hadn't done that to myself.

But I did.
And now it's Monday.
And I must pay!

Sometimes Mondays are like that.


The book I was reading? It was the newest installment in the Three Pines/Armand Gamache series by Louise Penny . . . The Madness of Crowds. It's always fun to duck back into Three Pines again for a visit -- and this one is very compelling.



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Donna Nelson

My fav Armand and Louise Penny and 3 Pines


This post makes me glad I didn't start the newest Louise Penny on vacation last week. I was tempted but I stuck with my Summer Book Bingo plan. I did read a lot (I finished 3 books) but I was also able to engage with family on vacation - not sure I'd have pulled that off had I been in the grips of Three Pines drama!


I'm on the (very long) wait list for Madness. Such a great series I understand how you got sucked in to avoiding/ignoring everything else!


I am feeling this in my own reading life. Not because of one book but because of the pace of my summer reading and I am looking forward to slowing things downs with a few big, chunky books that will force a different kind of reading life.


I look forward to losing myself in Three Pines for a weekend!


For a second there, I thought you were going to leave us hanging with the title!
Sounds like a blissful weekend. And those chores aren't going anywhere....for better or worse!
Hope it's a good week ahead.


Mondays are always good for catching up with the things not done on the weekend. Spending time with a good book is NEVER time wasted.


This is a very timely post for me, as I'm in the midst of creating my own book hangover. I finished an average mystery this weekend and after searching for what to read next, I bought Stephen King's latest, Billy Summers. It's immersive and compelling and I've barely been able to do anything except listen. It's kept me up at night and I'm afraid I've ignored John since Sunday. I've still got 12+ hours left, so who know when I'll be ready to re-enter the world!

Caffeine Girl

I love falling deeply into a book like that! I couldn't get into Louise Penney but I'm very much enjoying Maine by Courtney Sullivan.

Julia in KW

It doesn’t happen very often for me now that I am “older”…I used to read like that all the time…a totally immersive experience. When it happens now, it is such an exciting time…to completely fall into a book…and then to feel like you are coming out of the book…almost like returning from vacation somewhere else!


oooohhh! this book is sitting on my shelf - waiting for next weekend. I cannot wait!


I am a reader who needs some white space around what I read. What a great description of this style of reading. If you are going to binge read a book, I'd say Armand and company are the characters to choose.


Some how I missed that this one came out - and now I'm in a long line at the library. I may break down and just BUY it, like a person with shelf space that's empty.

I'm glad to hear it's so absorbing - I hope you got through this hangover Monday ok.


Sometimes you just just to read and I get that way too, especially if it’s a book I simply can’t put down. I like your thought ps about Monday, I often feel that exact same way!


I really can't blame you because I have done the same thing with previous Louise Penny books. I finally caught up on the series last week, and this is the first time I've been ready for the new book when it comes out. And it's only just now appearing as available from the library, though right now it says the wait is "several months" long (I have a feeling they'll be acquiring many more copies very soon, so it won't be that long of a wait, but I at least have to wait a little -- I'm 118th in line for one copy!).


Okay... I am EVEN more excited to get that book! Sometimes having a book just "take you away" is the best thing ever.


I know what you mean about the book hang over. And then there is book home sickness, where you finish a book and long to continue the relationship with the characters and want to inhabit their space.

As we roll through this second year of covid and limited in-person social interaction, I find that I am craving stories. No sooner is one book finished and I am searching around for the next great story to escape into. Last week it was The Lager Queen of Minnesota, which reminded me of Fannie Flagg's writing. Now I'm almost finished with his first book, Kitchens of the Great Midwest, after I read the Michigan true crime story, When Evil Came to Good Hart.

Maybe it's healthy, maybe it's not....but books are what's keeping me going right now. Movies don't do that for me

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