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New Week, New Month

A perfect time to . . . 


. . . with some of the flotsam and jetsam in my Evernote files.


Let's begin with some practical information.

Summer may be rolling right along, but there is still plenty of time to hang out near the water.
With your phone.

This article from Asurion, the phone-insurance "arm"of Verizon, explains just what you should do to save your phone from water damage, should it go for a swim (or a nice soak in the tub). I found it informative and helpful. Maybe you will, too.

(Although I hope your phone stays nice and dry, and that you never need to heed this advice.)


Looking for something to watch on TV?

I don't know about you, but I'm finding it hard to wait each week for the newest episode of Ted Lasso (season 2) to "drop" on Fridays. And . . . for the first time in my life, I don't seem all that interested in watching the Olympics (is it just me?). If you're looking for something summer-"light" and a little bit fun to watch, maybe you'll enjoy this list of the 60 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time

(Which rom-com is your favorite??? And did it make the list?)


Interested in tracking your reading in a deeper way?

I know quite a few of you (like me) use Goodreads to track the books you read/want to read.

I also know that several of you want a little bit . . . more . . . than Goodreads provides when it comes to keeping track of your books and connecting with other readers. Although I'm not really in the market for new ways to slice-and-dice my reading (I have developed my own system for note-taking, and I find Goodreads' listing tool sufficient for my needs), I thought this article about four new and unique reading tools was really interesting -- and might be fascinating for many of you.

(Just curious. Do you keep track of the books you read? If you do, what's your preferred method?)


Tired of throwing away "fresh" produce, now past its prime?

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but this does happen to me. Way more often than I'd like it to. (Looking at you, petrified limes . . . languishing there in my fruit bowl.) I found this article from Wirecutter about How To Keep Your Produce Fresh for Weeks really helpful. I'm determined to do better!

(That link is a Wirecutter/NYTimes link, and I'm not sure if it can be opened if you are not a NYT subscriber. My apologies if that is the case. If you are interested in the content but can't open the article, please let me know and I'll find a way to get the info to you.)


For your listening pleasure.

Okay. So I tried every which way to embed a music video here, and I can't. (This time it is YouTube, not my blogging platform.)

Let me just say . . .  you will not be disappointed if you take the time to click here to watch the video I WANTED to embed in this space. And then, check out more Vitamin String Quartet (they're fabulous and worth the trip down the rabbit hole) on YouTube or Spotify.


Here's to the start of a great week - and a great month.



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I am not a big fan of Goodreads but I use it because it is easy. But I only use it to track the books I am reading and dates finished now. I like StoryGraph, or the idea of it, but have not found it as intuitive. I also use pen and paper, entering the books as I begin and end them in my planner.
I made some muslin produce bags last year - the fabric is prequilted and holds in just enough moisture to keep my produce fresh. It has really cut down on how much I toss in the compost.


I’m right there with you on Ted Lasso season 2. After racing through season 1, it’s so tough to wait a WHOLE WEEK for the next episode.


Luckily, I haven't needed the water-logged phone advice, but Justin did when his phone fell into a hot tub (when he fell into the hot tub. There may have been some alcohol involved.) I wish the NYT article included how to keep zucchini, tomatoes, and string beans. So far this morning I've blanched and frozen eight qts. of beans, made stuffed zucchini, and am getting ready to roast a giant batch of tomatoes. I'll be glad come winter, but it's a lot of work now.


Well, there's a whole lotta Rom Coms that I've never seen! Obviously, not my genre of choice (though I do enjoy them). "Miss Congeniality" is missing from that list!


We haven't watched any of the new Ted Lasso episodes yet, I think we will wait until September (after the wedding and Cape Cod vacation) and that way we will be able to watch more than one at a time. I love GoodReads for tracking what I've read and what I want to read and also for seeing what my friends are reading. I will look at those other reading tools, though, to make sure I'm not missing out on anything. The produce article is very helpful, I'm saving that to Evernote. And I love the string quarter doing Get Lucky!! I also have no interest in watching the Olympics, which is not like me at all. When Harry Met Sally is my all time favorite rom com. There are quite a few on that list I'm not familiar with!


Another fun filled post Kym! From the top - hopefully will not need the phone/water advice!! I don't really waatch many movies (I get bored and antsy), bit I did really like "When Harry Met Sally" so I guess my favorite hit the list. I don't use Goodreads (one less screen thing for moi). I do keep track of what I read. I have a small journal book - the front has my finished knitting and stitching projects (picture and list of yarn or floss, etc. not a ton of info) and at the back I list the books I've read...just a star rating (out of 5) and the date finished. Nothing fancy, but I find it interesting. My limes seem to get rock hard inside of a week and they don't keep well in ithe frig. I guess I need to buy fewer (but sometimes buying a bag of them is less$$ than buying 2-3). I had never heard of the Vitamin String Quartet, but they are awesome - thanks for the link...will be adding them to a Spotify play list.


I do use Goodreads, but more for keeping track of what I read and less for connecting with others; I find that blogs and Zoom sessions with blog friends are doing a great job of building connections related to reading and getting recommendations.

I cannot get past the paywall for the produce article, but in recent months I've found that I've been better about not letting it spoil. We may have an item here or there (like the last head of romaine after we've made salads earlier in the week) that doesn't get used, but I don't feel too guilty about it because it ends up in the compost.

I think I like that version of "Get Lucky" more than the original!


Have to amend my previous comment -- I CAN see the Wirecutter article!


I've never dropped my phone in water, but my pedometer went through the wash several times. Rice saved the day. My camera (cheapy point and shoot one) fell in the Amelia River when we were kayaking. Rice couldn't save it. At least the SD card could still be downloaded, even if the camera didn't survive.

It's not just you about the Olympics.

The corruption, the cheating, and the dramatic broadcasting just aren't my cup of tea. These Olympics NEVER should have been held. The greed for money (and to mitigate any more losses) overcame the sensibilities of delaying them another year for Covid reasons.


Great post Kym, I use Goodreads but not sure why, I rarely keep it up to date! Also, Im finding my memory isn't as good as it was and Im enjoying rereading some books, (fun as long as I didn't buy it again.)
Enjoyed the Quartet and have downloaded several pieces.
I hate throwing away food, yet I cant seem to stay in front of food spoiling and I do not have a compost anymore....ugh!


Pretty Woman turned up on TV over the weekend and it was just hard to watch. sigh. I wish movies aged better! (I wish books aged better). We did watch Palm Springs a few weeks ago and loved it.

I use Goodreads to track what I've read (dates and ratings) and what I intend to read short-term (only because I snag the covers for my book journal and I like to print a month's worth of covers at one time). I started a paper and pen journal this year and it's been great. and of course I journal about reading on my blog ... and that's probably the most comprehensive look back I do.

(and I would've seen none of the Olympics except that Marc and Sara are watching ... I think I'm over it)


I use Goodreads to track books read and books-want-to-read, but I added some categories. There are separate categories for each year, and within that framework, there are separate ones for read, did not finish, and listened to. At the end of the year I download each category and add them to my Excel spreadsheet called "All books I have read". That title is a fantasy, however; the earliest date is 1987, but it looks like I actually started recording my reading in 2002. Still, it is handy when I come across a reference to a book and I think, "Have I read that? It sounds familiar." Just look at the s/s!


I use Goodreads and while it does have limitations, it is convenient and it's on my phone and my iPad so updating a book is easy.

My fav Rom/Com from that list... Philadelphia Story... oh man. SO GOOD!

One thing this pandemic has done for me is this... I make better use of perishable things. Pre-pandemic days... things would have gone to the compost pile at the first hint of "no longer just perfect" ... so embarrassing and so sad. Now days, I have an arsenal of ways to use things that are no longer the freshest. It is sad that it took a pandemic to be less wasteful.


I have a little reading journal where I list books read and occasionally make notes. I also make some reading notes in my desk journal. I keep a list on Goodreads just because it is available online if I am in a bookstore or elsewhere and want to reference a book.

Some weeks I do better using all the produce than others. We have compost bins going so I don't feel too bad about what goes into the compost.

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