Sometimes Plans Change
Getting Real

Honey, We're the Big Door Prize

So it feels like the world is in A Very Shitty Place right now. But there are still things that break through; things that have the capacity to make you smile and feel a warm-and-fuzzy feeling inside.

Maybe . . . a song like this one?

That's actually my theme song for the weekend.
Because it reminds me of Tom and I.
And because on August 22, 1981 this happened . . . 

Tom &  Kym 8.22.1981

That's FORTY years ago, my friends.

And how can that be?

Shoot. In 1981 . . . We were just two 22-year-olds with stars in our eyes. I still thought I'd be teaching forever. Tom was hoping to make it out of grad school alive. We had no idea what was ahead of us. We just knew that we had hearts dancin' in our eyes . . .  and we wanted to make a go of making a life together. And we really didn't think much farther ahead than that. (And certainly, definitely . . . not forty years out!)

But there we were. . . 

In spite of ourselves
We'll end up a-sittin' on a rainbow.
Against all odds,
Honey, we're the big door prize.
We're gonna spite our noses
Right off of our faces.
There won't be nothin' but big old hearts
Dancin' in our eyes.

Kym & Tom 8.22.1981 - 2

At one point, just a couple of years ago, we were Thinking Big about how we might celebrate this milestone wedding anniversary. A trip to Italy. That was what we THOUGHT we'd be doing to celebrate. But. Well. We're not planning anything Big or "Special" this year after all. Just a 3-day-extravaganza of Ordinary Stuff. Y'know . . . Kicking things off tonight with our weekly ritual: Pizza Friday + ice cream cones + Ted Lasso. And we are throwing caution to the wind on Saturday and going out for dinner at a favorite restaurant . . . inside! And on Sunday, we'll have my dad and Brian and Lauren over to grill on the patio (and they'll all probably forget it's even our anniversary and that's just fine by us because it's our day anyway).

And this is all good.
Perfect, in fact.

Because, after all, we've still got those big old hearts dancin' in our eyes.
And that's all that actually matters.
Turns out we ARE . . . the big door prize!


I hope you all can find something to celebrate this weekend.
(And if you can't, maybe just listen to some John Prine. Because he's sure to bring a smile.)



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Those two youngsters with big smiles and big old hearts dancin' in their eyes! Happy Anniversary to both of you! We celebrated (as much as celebration was possible) our 40th this year, and it was also a bunch of ordinary stuff. But that's just fine, because it feels like a somewhat extraordinary thing to change, grow, endure, and be together to celebrate 40 years. Here's hoping your pizza, ice cream, restaurant, and family are fun, and wishing you and Tom many more happy and healthy years together.


Everything about this is absolutely perfect. The looks at one another over your toast, the lyrics, this weekend's plan, and your perspective. You're not only a gift to one another, but you really do inspire others. Loads! Happy 40th, Kym + Tom!


Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful weekend of celebration even if it isn't a trip to Italy.
We are on year 45 and there is so much satisfaction in seeing the life we've built together. Though with the news these days, we must give our due to good fortune as much as hard work.


Happy Anniversary! I hope your celebrations this weekend will continue for many years to come!
Thanks for the link to the John Prine song, his music always brightens my day!


My, my, Happy Anniversary. We had our 41st in January. Life has given us so much along the way and we've survived every challenge and we feel so fortunate to be here today. You two have a relationship forge by fire and fed by joy. Life together feels remarkable, no? Here's to many more years of walking that path together!


Happy anniversary and enjoy your weekend of celebrating the two of you! 26 years for my hubby and me on Tuesday. We look back at our wedding pictures and can’t believe how young we looked.


Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people in the whole world! Forty years is something to celebrate and, while I wish you could have made that dream trip to Italy come true, I think the truth is that you two are happy together wherever you are. Enjoy your anniversary weekend - especially Food Dance!


Happy Anniversary! Wishing you and Tom many more years of joy in your marriage.


Aw! Happy Anniversary, Kids!! <3 <3


Happy Anniversay and many more. I hope you enyoy your celebration .

kim in oregon

Happy Anniversary! I'm yelling at my computer "they're too young to drink!"

kathy b

Happy Happy Happy . 40th! You two are so cute. We married in 1982. With much the same idea...
we don't know what can happen on this ride, but we are in it and in 1ove!!
I can see the sty1e trends from then!
This is a great post


LOVED seeing your photos.

Wishing you a very happy anniversary. I hope you ALWAYS have hearts dancing in your eyes!


Happy Anniversary!!


Happy Anniversary! May your weekend of ordinary stuff become an extraordinary celebration. Keep dancing.


Happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary!!!


The hair might be a bit lighter these days, but those faces are the same -- so clearly marriage agrees with both of you! Here's to 40 amazing years and as many more as you can stand! Enjoy!


Another reason to celebrate today! Happy Anniversary! You join my sister and her husband (51 years) and my niece and her husband (10 years).

Enjoy just having each other.

Caffeine Girl

Congratulations! We were all so young in the 1980's!
You two look so happy and in love. It's inspiring that you've had four wonderful decades together!


Happy Anniversary you two! What an incredible achievement! I hope your weekend was amazing! XO


Happy Anniversary! I hope the weekend was just wonderful for you.


Happy Anniversary! I'm hoping the celebration was as perfect as you described (totally agree about anniversaries being for us, not others) ... and that you can get to Italy - or some other just as delightful place - for 41. xxoo.

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