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Do You See What I See?

For various reasons (mostly weather and schedule related), I haven't spent as much time at our cabin up north this summer as I usually do . . . or as often as I'd like to. But . . . I'm here now. So there is that.


And while sitting around last night, I thought it might be fun to share a little "game" we often play up here. (And, no. It's not Pass the Pigs.) (Although that IS a perennial favorite.)

The interior of our little cabin is knotty pine paneling . . . 


(Pardon the quality of these photos. It was dark when I took them. The photos are grainy. But you'll be able to get the general idea.)


Tom and my Dad installed all the tongue-and-groove pine paneling. It's really quite lovely, and it gives the entire cabin a warm-and-cozy feel.

It also gives us our "game" . . . Do You See What I See . . . in the knots of the pine paneling! For two decades now, we stare up at this pine paneling (often after a few drinks) (just sayin) and we find . . . things . . . in the knot formations. Pictures, if you will. Whenever we have guests, Tom gets one of his fly rods and uses it as a pointer to highlight the "family favorites." And our guests usually find new ones to add to our "collection."

Sometimes, we don't see the knot-patterns in quite the same way. Tom tends to see lots of "pigs" and "owls." I see more "dogs" and "koalas." But, generally, with some imagination . . . we DO see things in the patterns of knots on the walls and ceilings.

Here's one of the first we ever found. I think it was actually one of the kids who found it . . . and they're certainly the ones who named it "Mr. Bubble." (Now, I think he looks like the sunglass-emoji guy.) "Mr. Bubble" has been watching over us at the cabin for a very long time now!


In the spirit of Three on Thursday, I thought it might be fun to play three rounds of Do You See What I See. (These are all long-time family-favorites.) (Tom would definitely point these out to you with his fly rod if you were visiting us at our cabin.)

Here goes . . . 


I see an alien. How about you?
(And for advanced players, there is a little koala up and to the left of the alien. Bonus points if you see that one.)


We call this one . . . the kangaroo rat. I have no idea why . . . but it's definitely something. Can you see it? (Bonus points if you see JoJo peeking up from the panel above . . . just one eye and a her nose.)


This is a tricky one . . . because there are lots of knots here (it would help if I had Tom's fly rod to point things out). This is our old dog, Jake. You can see his two eyes and nose there in the in the middle panel (if you look closely and use your imagination). Jake was our white German shepherd - much beloved; our dog-before-Jenny. (Jake almost made it to his 100th birthday, but fell about a month short of Centurion status.) Jake loved being at the cabin with us, so it's nice to have him with us still, there in the knotty pine!

And that's it for today's installment of Do You See What I See!
Happy Thursday. And be sure to visit Carole for more Three on Thursday fun.


So . . . this week, Typepad (my frequently disappointing blogging platform) is not sending me comment notifications by email. This makes it challenging for me to respond to your comments. Just want to let you know. I am seeing them . . . and I love it when you comment! It's just hard for me to respond in turn.




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I remember gazing at all of those knots and looking for critters! It's almost as fun as playing Pass the Pigs!


We too have a cabin lined in knotty pine & cedar. Alas, my Tom will not play. And he does not see Munch's Scream in our oak kitchen cabinets at home. (I'd send a photo, but comments)

BTW: There's a name for that: Pareidolia:,where%20there%20isn't%20one.


I do see Mr. Bubble, the alien, and the kangaroo rat, and I love that Valerie has provided the term for seeing faces. John's office in the MD house is also paneled with knotty pine. He has Munch's "The Scream" facing him and I always point out the disapproving eyes on the wall behind him when he's goofing off.


The first two photos I got right off. I thought the Kangaroo rat could also be a cat stalking its prey.

The third .....................ehhhhh, not seeing it quite the same way.

I play this same game with the tile in our bathroom. Mostly I see animals, but there is a grumpy old man in one of the tiles.


I definitely saw the koala before I even scrolled down enough to read that you'd mentioned it!

This post is very timely; just last night my husband was showing us this:


I immediately saw E.T. - before you mentioned aliens. Never saw the movie so it looks like he has on sunglasses. Your Jake looks like a sad-eyed bloodhound to me! But where in the heck did a kangaroo come from? What you drinkin’? Lady?….I remember what Einstein said - Imagination is more important than knowledge - and I think to myself - oh, yay, games (like this one) and crafts (like knitting) rule! Your cabin looks so luxurious, no wonder you want to go there as much as possible. Idyllic.


Brilliant game! (and such a beautiful place) I love the faces you have shared with us!


I see them all, but I thought the rat was a big butted elk. :) I love those German Shepherd eyes. :)

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